10 Best Reddit Reactions To The Apple Watch Ultra Announcement

ytsfreeSeptember 14, 2022

The newly launched Apple Watch Ultra pushes the boundary of what a smartwatch is capable of. It is clear from Apple’s Far Out event that this Apple Watch model is being aimed towards adventurers, professional athletes and people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Apple Watch Ultra is full of features and upgrades like a dive computer which makes doing things possible that couldn’t have been thought of before.


10 Only Care About The Bigger Battery And Screen

It seems like the general consumers are most interested in the boost in battery life and the screen size of the Apple Watch Ultra. Considering most of the other features will only be useful in extreme circumstances, the heavy emphasis on a bigger battery and screen does make sense.

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Reddit user FishGoesGlubGlub says that the bigger screen and battery “are enough for people to get it.” The user also says that they don’t really care about any of the other features.

9 Going To Be Sick Taking It To Costco

Along with their 14th iteration of the iPhone, Apple also launched the Watch Ultra. While it has been made clear by Apple that the Ultra model is primarily for people living in the extreme, it won’t stop general consumers from wanting to buy it.

Reddit user iamnosouperman says that even though they are not going to take it to Everest anytime soon, they are still expecting it “To last for at least 5 years” and that it is going to be fun taking it to Costco anyway. The user also mentions the larger screen size as one of the most attractive features.

8 Increased Battery Life

Finding a phone with a long battery life is challenging enough, and the same is true for smartwatches. Along with numerous upgrades like a bigger screen size and extra sensors such as a dual GPS, one of the most attractive features of the Ultra is the bigger and longer-lasting battery.

Nobody likes charging their Apple Watch every other day. Having the Apple Watch Ultra means that wearers can go for up to 3-4 days without having to charge the device. Reddit user BuriedMeat says that “a lot of people want a bigger battery.”

7 You Must Stay In The Wild At All Times

The new Apple Watch Ultra is packed with rugged features. While the launch of Apple Watch Ultra might be excellent news for athletes and adventurers, the general public took no time in making fun of the extreme features.

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Reddit user Vixtrus says jokingly that, “Apparently if you buy it you must stay in the wild at all times.” This is also a dig at the commercial for the Apple Watch Ultra, which mostly showcased people using it in the wild

6 SOS Is Cool

Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of a forest or a desert without any cell service; it is literally one of the worst-case scenarios anyone can face. Apple announcing the satellite SOS feature will be quite handy in such situations.

Reddit user riesenulli also says that “the satellite SOS is nifty” as well on top of the upgrades to the battery and the screen. It is also one of the best iPhone and Watch features for those that are traveling anywhere.

5 Only For Survival Experts

The Apple Watch Ultra seems like the perfect companion for going into a survival show. It’s a no-brainer considering the large array of new and returning of survival features it possesses.

This point did not go unnoticed as reddit user Zgh5002 amusingly jokes that “You are only allowed to buy the Ultra if you can be dropped into the next season of Alone … with no prep.” Jokes aside, the Ultra does make a more compelling case than earlier versions for being brought along to any outdoor adventures.

4 Bringing In New Customers

Even with all of the advancements that Apple has brought to its line of watches, something was always missing for some people, be it a bigger battery, a bigger screen, or extra durability.

The Apple Watch Ultra has finally convinced some of these consumers to get into the world of Apple Watches. Reddit user djoliverm says that they “hated all the previous models due to styling issues” but finally is convinced to try this one.

3 Bigger And Possibly Better Design

Not only is the Apple Watch Ultra a huge upgrade in terms of functionalities and features, but there is also a fairly significant change in how the device looks (at least compared to the differences between previous generations). The Apple Watch Ultra has a sturdier and bulkier look, yet it doesn’t look clunky.

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Reddit user Sambothebassist likes the “gaudy look” of the Ultra, which is one of the major reasons for them to buy it. While the slight profile change likely won’t be a determining factor for most, it’s clearly important for some.

2 Good For Hikers And Skiers

For casual users who spend some time in the outdoors, the Apple Watch may seem like a perfect device, even for those that won’t always put it in extreme conditions. The fact that it has all the extra features for extreme physical activities but also includes all the smartwatch features is really cool.

Reddit user SandKeeper also says that even though they are not one of the extreme people Apple mentioned, the watch will be really useful for “occasional hiking and skiing.”

1 Potential Overkill

As with all the ‘pro’ and ‘ultra’ devices, a lot of people are going to buy the watch even if they don’t necessarily have the use for it. Consumers were quick to point it out, especially in this case, considering that Apple Watch Ultra, as the name suggests, is meant for extreme situations.

Reddit user itsJoelleScott amusingly points out that they can’t wait to see people “wearing it on the train to front as being outdoorsy”

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