10 Best Shows Like Netflix’s Fakes

ytsfreeSeptember 10, 2022

Teen crime shows are all the rage in this day and age, and Netflix’s new series Fakes hopes to bring a bit of levity to the situation. Though the series isn’t the first to blend comedy and crime, the show offers a uniquely teen perspective that is perfect for any audience.

Whether it is dramedy series like Riverdale or sidesplitting nostalgic shows like Derry Girls, there are plenty of amazing programs to watch after finishing Fakes. The teen comedy market is saturated with a ton of content, but only the best capture the same spirit as Netflix’s newest gem.


One Of Us Is Lying (2021-Present)

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In recent years, teen dramas have grown into verbose murder mysteries, but fans seem to love the over-the-top excitement. One Of Us Is Lying is the story of five teens who go to detention, but only four survive leaving the rest to untangle a complicated web of deceit and murder.

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Though lacking the humor of Fakes, the series nevertheless treats its teen characters like the center of the story. While it does give into the typical stereotypes of teen cliques, it can be seen more as archetypal character tropes found in other murder mysteries.

Riverdale (2017-Present)

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Bringing the famous Archie Comics to life in a darker fashion, Riverdale seems to defy genre and features drama, romance, and even horror. The show follows Archie and his friends as they attempt to live normal lives as teens in Riverdale while being confronted with a host of dark mysteries.

Though there are certainly cringeworthy parts of the show, the series is still a fun ride that never gets too bogged down in one tone or theme. Fans of Fakes will enjoy the scintillating drama and teen-centric story, and the sheer variety of different characters and plot lines provides enough to keep all sorts of TV fans engaged.

Awkward (2011-2016)

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Though modern audiences mostly remember MTV for their great reality shows, the comedy-drama series Awkward was a successful foray into fiction for the former music network. The series follows an outcast teen who is suddenly rocketed up the popularity ladder when an accident is misconstrued as an attempt to take her own life.

Shot through with the same dark humor as Fakes, the show was never afraid to push the envelope with its teen-centric humor. While it wasn’t the most accurate representation of high school, it went a long way to capture the unbalanced feeling that many high schoolers suffer while they are in their teen years.

Alexa & Katie (2018-2020)

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In Fakes, the character’s relationship is strengthened and strained by their fake I.D. empire, but in Alexa & Katie, the bonds of friendship are tested in an entirely different way. Two teen girls are eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school when a sudden cancer diagnosis completely changes their plans.

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Shot in the traditional multi-camera sitcom style, the show is more family-friendly than Fakes, but just as likable. The relationship between the eponymous characters is the show’s strongest element, and the 40-episode run of the show is a quick and breezy viewing for fans who like to binge-watch.

Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020)

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Unlike Fakes which is all about characters breaking the law, Teenage Bounty Hunters is slanted more in the law enforcement direction. The series concerns a pair of twins who join forces with a veteran bounty hunter to collect rewards on people who skip bail.

Delivering everything that a fan of Fakes could be looking for, the show is darkly comedic and still manages to squeeze in the typical high school drama as well. There is a subversive nature to the series that goes against the stereotypes of teenage girls and casts them as a new form of action hero that fans don’t often get to see.

Never Have I Ever (2020-Present)

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Though it lacks the subversive nature of Fakes, Never Have I Ever‘s overwhelming quality makes it a must-watch for fans of the aforementioned show. The series follows a first-generation Indian American teen as she wades into the murky waters of high school.

Despite coming from a unique and distinct background, the main character Devi has a bunch of relatable moments that any audience member can see as a reflection of their own high school experience. The series is whip-smart and uses its humor to tackle deep issues like race, culture, and fitting in despite one’s differences.

Derry Girls (2018-2022)

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Derry Girls is a unique teen dramedy in that it blends its genres with a healthy dose of nostalgia and history. The series follows a group of teen girls as they attend school during Ireland’s Troubles period of the early 1990s.

Even though the show is firmly rooted in Irish history, it manages to stay relatable to anyone who had a troubled high school experience. Though crime isn’t at the forefront like it is in Fakes, Derry Girls does weave its narrative around events that actually happened, and it makes the story feel more grounded and real.

How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (2019-Present)

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Hailing from Germany, How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) was a surprise hit for Netflix and is very much in a similar style to Fakes. The show follows a desperate teenage boy who teams up with a friend to run Europe’s largest online drug trafficking syndicate from his bedroom.

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Though selling fake I.D.s is a rather innocuous crime, How to Sell Drugs takes things to another level and includes multinational drug trafficking and dangerous violence. While it does have its dark moments, the series’ humor really shines through when the audience pauses to reflect on how silly the entire idea behind the show is.

American Vandal (2017-2018)

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Parodying some of the most recognizable tropes from true-crime documentaries, American Vandal is based on a fictional crime of the goofiest variety. The mockumentary chronicles the events that lead to the cars of several high school faculty members being vandalized with an unspeakable drawing.

Obviously, American Vandal and Fakes exist on two different ends of a stylistic spectrum and the former is more of a parody than anything else. Besides that though, the shows both have a similar sense of humor when it comes to their treatment of the subject, and the characters of both are likable and memorable.

Trinkets (2019-2020)

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Teenage girls and crime once again collide in Trinkets, and the series has an almost identical tone to that of Fakes. The show follows a group of teenage girls who meet in shoplifters anonymous and bond over their mutual love of petty theft and mayhem.

To escape the drudgery of their high school lives, the characters seek something more exciting in the form of crime. The humor of the series comes from how relatable the characters are, and though they take things too far, they are still understandable. While it lacks the stylistic edge of Fakes, Trinkets explore similar ideas differently.

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