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ytsfreeSeptember 14, 2022

Now on Discovery+, a new documentary series The Diana Investigations explores the investigative angle to Princess Diana’s unfortunate demise by incorporating sides of British Metro police as well as the French police. And this series only adds to the several conspiracy theories and media content about Princess Diana’s accidental death that occurred almost two decades ago.

The documentary series is bound to impress investigative and true-crime fans. And good companion watches with The Diana Investigations wouldn’t be just documents and shows on British royal scandals but also similar narratives that deal with the mysterious deaths of other famous personalities.


The Mystery Of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes (2022)

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Marilyn Monroe’s movies and personality have had an immense influence on modern pop culture, but she has been quite a tragic figure in real life. Suffering the relentless gaze of the paparazzi and a string of failed marriages, Marilyn Monroe’s death by drug overdose has again caused much speculation about her mental health.

In more ways than one, Monroe is similar to Princess Diana. Both cultural icons faced the brunt of a short life with several mysteries getting spawned out of their death. The Unheard Tapes takes an insightful look at the heroine’s life from the perspectives of the ones who were close to her, serving as a more personalized companion piece to the police investigation-driven The Diana Investigations.

The Crown (2016-)

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Arguably the best portrayal of the British royal family, The Crown details the life and rise of Queen Elizabeth II along with the rest of her turbulent family. However, instead of merely glamorizing these figures, the show attempts to take a more humanistic look at them. Be it their scandals or personal flaws, Peter Morgan’s influential drama series doesn’t spare anyone from getting an insider’s look.

Naturally, Princess Diana also plays a major role in the plot with her unfortunate marriage with Prince Charles, serving as a recurring theme. As The Diana Investigations also suggests, some conspiracy theories held Charles and Elizabeth as the culprits behind Diana’s death. With so much speculation around the death, interest in the royal family is bound to resurface with The Crown being the best Netflix show with female protagonists.

Who Killed Tupac? (2017)

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Despite his sudden death, Tupac left a hip-hop legacy that continues to inspire rappers to this day. But just like his discography, his death continues to puzzle his fans. What can be ruled as a gang shooting might be part of a larger conspiracy, one that involves rival rappers and corrupt cops.

Who Killed Tupac? is the comprehensive source for knowing all the conditions preceding his untimely death, with a special focus on the investigation by civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump. After bingeing on The Diana Investigations, if true crime buffs need another high-profile case to obsess over or an insightful documentary about popular rappers, Who Killed Tupac? would provide enough food for thought.

Princess Diana: Tragedy Or Treason (2017)

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Even before her death, Princess Diana had an eventful life for both good and bad reasons. Daring to break royal norms and using her influence for charity work, Diana was a celebrated icon among the public. And these very reasons drew the judgment of loyalists to the Crown.

This documentary series attempts to piece together the legacy that Diana left before that unfortunate car crash. Told from multiple ideological perspectives on her status as a public figure, it is bound to add a more humanistic touch to the case that is otherwise discussed from a more crime-related angle in The Diana Investigations.

The Diana Conspiracy: What Happened In Paris? (2020)

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While Diana’s controversies were much publicized due to her stint as a member of the royal family, her post-divorce sojourn in Paris was relatively under-the-radar, given Diana’s need for privacy. In fact, what is sadder is the fact that the car crash in which Diana died was due to her car avoiding the paparazzi.

Just like how The Diana Investigations attempts to know more about that unfortunate day in Paris, The Diana Conspiracy attempts to bring forward several alternate theories behind the accident. With questions like whether her death was part of a criminal conspiracy, the documentary searches for these answers.

Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime (2016-2021)

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Buzzfeed Unsolved playfully explores several dark cases in history, be it supernatural instances or the ones that fall into true crime. The Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime episodes find hosts Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej bringing the spotlight on several iconic cases that involve crimes like murder, extortion, forgery, and so on.

While some cases discussed are pretty high-profile, some vague mysteries are also included. Basically, if The Diana Investigations‘ alternate theories got the audience’s brain running, they would love the open-ended nature of the cases discussed in Buzzfeed Unsolved.

Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? (2020)

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Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious sex offender who killed himself in his prison cell, had high-ranking ties with movie stars, socialites, and other influential figures, such as Prince Andrew. The documentary dabbles in the mysterious circumstances that lead to his apparent suicide (which some see as a case of prison murder) and the dark secrets that he might be hiding if he was still alive.

Fans of true-crime documentaries like The Diana Investigations would be at the edge of their seats for the unpredictable revelations around Epstein and his influential connections. Of course, this documentary is not the only one of its kind, as others like Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich covered similar research on this topic.

The Story Of Diana (2017)

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There are numerous documentary series on Diana and her legacy but not all of them can feature exclusive interviews from the people closest to her. The Story of Diana doesn’t carry as much narrative depth, but the interview alone are significant enough to bring some never-heard-before anecdotes on the late Princess.

The people featured in The Story of Diana include Richard Branson, Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, Prince Charles’ cousin India Hicks, among others. And of course, there is a considerable amount of archival footage to make it one of the most quintessential Diana documentaries.

O.J. Made In America (2016)

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Dramatized brilliantly in the first season of American Crime Story, one of the most high-profile murders to have captured the popular fascination has undoubtedly been the O.J. Simpson trial. The disgraced footballer was the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wife but later proved innocent in one of the most dramatic trials in modern history.

O.J. Made In America covers Simpson’s career and his eventual fall from grace, concluding with the intricacies of the infamous trial. Naturally, the trial spawned several alternate explanations and theories, in the same manner as other famous cases like the accident that forms the crux of The Diana Investigations.

The Royals (2015-2018)

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If viewers need a break from the intense drama of The Crown, they can then binge on a light-hearted alternative like The Royals. A satirical take on the British monarchy, The Royals deals with the familial struggles of a matriarch and her spoiled, hedonistic children as they deal with a royal past that is now fading.

The Diana Investigations reveals a lot of such real-life royal drama that ensued in Diana’s time in the Windsor Palace. The Royals just amps up the royal turmoil with some over-the-top humor and a sheer silliness that audiences would enjoy.

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