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There is a bunch of Star Wars content coming down the pipeline, and given Andor‘s premiere on September 21, it will have a morally grey protagonist as the lead, juxtaposing the usually light-sided, good-hearted Jedi. Despite their flaws, the Jedi of Star Wars remain beacons of hope and goodness, although some do have certain qualities or certain moments of weakness that lead them to be more ‘evil’ than others.

Whether it be through personality traits, treatment of others, or mistakes they make, some Jedi have shown themselves to be either more unlikable or a bit more internally flawed than others, despite being ultimately good deep down.


10 Obi-Wan Kenobi

There are a few contenders for the least-evil Jedi in Star Wars and may be an argument for all the main Jedi fans meet during the Skywalker saga. When it comes to Obi-Wan, though, there are key factors that put him above others.

There may be no Jedi in Star Wars who goes through more than Obi-Wan – outside of Anakin. Obi-Wan endured watching Satine and Qui-Gon murdered in front of him, losing Anakin, living with all that guilt, and more. A weaker mind, a less wholly good individual, would have fallen to the dark side, but not Obi-Wan. In a quote that sums him up, he says only the weak give into the dark side. Even when he loses hope and faith, reserved to squalor while minding his own business and not stepping in, he is not evil, just a bit broken, crippled by guilt over ‘mistakes.’

9 Yoda

As can be seen in The Clone Wars during his underrated journey in the Force arc, Yoda has a mastery over his inner, natural dark side – which resides in everyone – and fans never see even a glimpse of evil from the Grandmaster.

Master Yoda has made some hubris-driven mistakes like the rest of the Jedi Order, but he is still a kind individual who wants to be good and who wants the Jedi to be good. Even in isolation on Dagobah, he sought to help others like Ezra from afar, although never stepping in to help full time again – after 900 years of mostly service to the Galaxy and fighting for the light.

8 Ahsoka Tano

In many fans’ minds, Ahsoka Tano embodies what a Jedi should be. Despite getting wrongfully ousted from the Order before rejecting a proposed return, she is everything the Jedi of the prequel era should have been.

Ahsoka was hotheaded and reckless in her early years, similar to her Jedi Master, but like so many other Jedi, she has not a bit of evil in her. Even when she deems herself not a Jedi, in one of her best quotes, Ahsoka still lives as a Jedi should, and she stands by to help the everyday people who need it and fights without qualms or ulterior motives.

7 Luke Skywalker

To many young Star Wars fans growing up, Luke Skywalker is the greatest hero in pop culture, and even though there is immaturity and even darkness within him, he keeps himself so far from even being close to the stratosphere of evil.

There are times when Luke does come close to letting the darkness take a bit too much control, like in his duel with Vader or his moment of consideration against Ben. However, both times, and every other time, he reels himself in and proves why he is one of the best and most pure heroes in Star Wars.

6 Qui-Gon Jinn

Qui-Gon Jinn is regarded by many in the Jedi Order of his time as a maverick. He is someone who, despite following a slightly different ideology from other Jedi, still fought for the light side of the Force, with no real evil present.

What is interesting about Qui-Gon is the fact that his Jedi Master, Count Dooku, left the Order, joining the dark side of the Force following Qui-Gon’s death. Had Qui-Gon survived but Dooku still made into Sidious’ apprentice, it is hard not to wonder if Qui-Gon’s disillusionment with the Jedi would have gotten too much. But, Qui-Gon was stubborn, unique, and a maverick, but not evil.

5 Kanan Jarrus

If not Ahsoka Tano or Qui-Gon Jinn, it is Kanan Jarrus who epitomizes what a Jedi should be, how they should act, and how they should approach inner challenges as well as the fight against evil in the Galaxy. He was, though, for a long time, lost.

Definitely not evil, but rather riddled with guilt and insecurity, Kanan was far from a typical Jedi for a lot of his life post-Order 66. He became a smuggler, clawed to survive in a brutal, changing Galaxy until he found Hera. While more traditional Jedi would have looked down on his stealing and ‘criminal’ activity – even that which was against the Empire – he was a force for good and dealt with his inner issues better than nearly anyone else.

4 Rey

Rey being a Palpatine has no bearing on who she is or how good or evil she may be, but there are a couple of other factors that may lend her to being more morally troubled than other Jedi.

Rey does have a bit of an edge that leads her to be pretty angry on occasion, but more so than that, she is tempted by the darkness multiple times, particularly in The Last Jedi. She overcomes this all wonderfully and proves herself an amazing person and Jedi, but this edge is something most Jedi – being so cut and dry – do not really have, with Daisy Ridley really adding to the character in this regard by giving one of the best Jedi performances in Star Wars.

3 Mace Windu

Mace Windu is actually not evil. In fact, it is arguable that his mastery of Vaapad makes him impressively less so than others. However, he proves himself time and time again one of the most unlikable Jedi in the order and someone with serious flaws.

Full of hubris, immensely rude, arrogant, and someone who mistreats not only Anakin but Ahsoka, Windu may not be evil, but he is perhaps the biggest jerk in the Jedi Order outside Ki-Adi Mundi (who embodies Jedi hubris). Windu is a terrific character, one of the most powerful Jedi around, and is obviously a warrior for good, but it is still hard to truly like him, especially in The Clone Wars.

2 Ezra Bridger

By the end of Star Wars: Rebels, Ezra proves himself a true Jedi, selfless and good, willing to do anything for the safety of his friends and his people. For a time, though, the dark side did have a hold of him.

In the end, this only strengthened Ezra’s resolve and journey, but his immaturity and selfishness, as well as his use of the Sith Holocron brought him dangerously close to the edge without him even knowing it. Having grown up a Loth-rat, Ezra had a life unlike any other Jedi, and that gave him an edge and an inner darkness few other Jedi had for much of his life.

1 Anakin Skywalker

Perhaps, the only Jedi who can actually be considered evil at times is Anakin Skywalker. Strictly talking about him before his betrayal against Mace Windu, Anakin shows his dark side, his evil, time and time again.

Whether committing war crimes, brutally killing Trench, battering Clovis to a pulp, murdering Sand People, or any other of his morally questionable actions leaning on repugnant acts, Anakin is undoubtedly the ‘evilest’ Jedi of the Clone Wars era. He is someone with so much inner turmoil and emotional issues. Though deep down, he is a truly good person who deserved so much better, the evil that lives in him shines through on occasion.

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