10 “Fan Favorite” Characters Redditors Find Annoying After Rewatching The Show

ytsfreeAugust 31, 2022

With the new spinoff series, House of the Dragon arriving, there have likely been a lot of fans rewatching Game of Thrones. Of course, with the very divisive final season, it makes sense that some fans’ opinions have changed now that they are revisiting the show, especially concerning certain characters,

Redditors have highlighted some Game of Thrones characters they once loved who now get on their nerves. When looking at the entire series as a whole, the flaws in these fan-favorite characters became harder for Game of Thrones fans to overlook.


10 Robert Baratheon

Though Robert Baratheon didn’t last long on the show, he served a very important role in shaping the rest of the series. He was often seen as a poor leader, but an entertaining character who was surrounded by enemies.

But Redditor ZoroarkPKMN pointed out that it is hard to like Robert in retrospect as his careless attitude could have had dire consequences. They specifically felt Robert’s “neglection of Joffrey could be seen as one of the reasons why Joffrey was the way he was.”

9 Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen’s arc on the show was one of the most controversial as she went from a beloved hero in the early seasons to the true villain of Game of Thrones. Given that fans know where she would end up by the conclusion of the story, many of them found her a lot less likable the second time around.

While there were a number of Game of Thrones characters whose final storyline didn’t please fans, Daenerys and her final season twist may have been the most frustrating. Redditor subway-stan felt that “she surpassed Jon by the end for most annoying.”

8 Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund Giantsbane did not have a huge role on the show, but fans loved him as the scene-stealing Wildling who eventually became one of Jon Snow’s best friends. His giant crush on Brienne of Tarth was also a terrific running joke on the series.

But when fans began looking back at the series, some of them found that Tormund’s sudden switch to a comic relief character was odd given his past actions. Redditor Leftovertaters pointed out that Tormund “killed a lot of innocent people while raiding the north” making it hard to laugh at his antics later on.

7 Ned Stark

Ned Stark has a reputation as the most honorable character in Game of Thrones which could be part of the reason he didn’t survive the first season of the show. As heartbreaking as his death was, fans still largely viewed him as a heroic character and loving father who was greatly missed when he died.

Perhaps because the fans got to see how dangerous of a world Westeros was over eight seasons, many of them had a change of heart in viewing Ned. Redditor araiman21 claimed it was “frustrating watching Ned be so painfully honorable and naive about politics” when he should have known better.

6 Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark cares about her family more than anything else which makes it so heartbreaking to see the matriarch of House Stark gradually see her family fall apart. Though she made questionable decisions as well, fans sympathized with her and were heartbroken to see her die.

But while fans saw Catelyn as a tragic victim in the first viewing, some of them felt she deserved more blame upon rewatching the series. Redditor Whyyoumontague claimed that Catelyn is “the cause of nearly every problem” that House Stark faces.

5 Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark actually had quite an interesting evolution over the course of the series. She was not well liked in the first season due to her naïve nature. But she then grew into a sympathetic character and then into a hero who was one of the most intelligent characters in the series.

While this redemption was captivating to watch the first time around, some fans found it hard to overlook that first season upon rewatching. Redditor NanoJay complained that she seemed to choose the Lannisters over her own family so they “started to feel less sorry for her” when that backfired on her.

4 Lyanna Mormont

Lyanna Mormont was a very surprising character who stole the show in the later seasons of Game of Thrones. As the child leader of House Mormont, Lyanna did not let her size and age prevent her from taking control. She spoke her mind quite harshly and her bravery was inspiring to see.

But some fans found that Lyanna was a character who personified one of the worst aspects of the show’s later seasons which was taking something that worked and overdoing it for fan service. Redditor Ravenchaser77 admitted the character was “brought in for one scene which she nailed” but that it should have ended there.

3 Robb Stark

Following the death of Ned Stark, many fans put their hope in Robb Stark to avenge his death and become the hero of the series. It was thrilling to see how effective of a military leader Robb was which contributed to his demise being one of the most unexpected deaths in television history.

The Red Wedding certainly still packs a punch no matter how many times fans watch the show, but some of them feel Robb followed in his father’s footsteps of not recognizing the danger around him. Redditor laffy_man found Robb’s journey much less heroic now as “his mistakes are really obvious in hindsight.”

2 Jon Snow

Game of Thrones is very much an ensemble show, but Jon Snow gradually emerged as the central figure as the series went on. He grew into a thrilling hero with a backstory that made many fans feel he would play a vital role in how the entire played out.

However, Jon’s storyline in the final season disappointed many fans with him failing to act until the final episode and very little resolution to some of his most interesting character points. While there are already lots of fan theories about the Jon Snow spinoff, the ending certainly did hurt the character’s reputation. Redditor Debinthedez claimed they watched the series many times and they “get more upset at the end each time” with how Jon’s story is handled.

1 Tyrion Lannister

Very quickly, Tyrion Lannister became the most popular character on the show. He was a funny character with so many memorable lines, but he was also intelligent, complex, and heroic despite the way the world saw him. Right up until the end, he was front and center in the series.

While the show never lost sight of Tyrion’s popularity, fans recognized his character changed dramatically for the worse in later seasons. They felt it becomes more apparent when rewatching the show that Tyrion’s more complex aspects were ignored and Redditor xluqx found that Tyrion was reduced to “bad ideas and d*** jokes.”

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