10 Funniest ‘Hot New Bombshell’ Memes

ytsfreeSeptember 8, 2022

Love Island UK is back with the memes, baby! The “hot new bombshell” meme took over TikTok this summer. Using the audio of English singer/songwriter Mabel as she enters the villa from season 7, everyone and everything can now “strut” their stuff.

Watch as TikTokers live their best lives as the new hot bombshell. It’ll soon have everyone in the villa saying “Ekin who?” Though sadly Luca won’t find Kim Kardashian in the Beach Hut. Perhaps one of these 10 “islanders” will turn heads.


Dusty, The No-Tail Cockatiel

Dusty, the no-tail ‘tiel ready to attack or simply, killing it on the runway? Either way, no one has even seen a bombshell as vivacious. She could rank among those who have been deemed the most memorable bombshells.

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The comments on Dusty’s walk make it all the more hilarious; the most popular one being from thathappycookie who compared it to “that awkward walk when someone lets you cross the road.” Another commenter taycimillo, said “get this man’s on temptation island!” Whether it be Love Island or Temptation Island, get this cockatiel on some kind of island because it cannot be tamed.

Fashion Influencer = Bombshell

Every little Gen Z sister with a TikTok account is automatically the hot new bombshell compared to every older millennial sister. Add the words “fashion influencer” to their bio and boom, an icon is born.

Sister influencers, Niam and Lara Hadkins definitely took advantage of a trending TikTok sound when Lara came to visit for the month and fellow TikTokers were glad they did. Most agreed with fruitdumpling’s comment “Lara’s facial expressions and moves win at life” and they’re not wrong.

Teeny Kini

Here she is in all of her glory, the one and only Teeny Kini. Or as teeny.kini herself would say, “the queen has arrived.” She has to be the cutest, fluffiest bombshell that has ever walked the runway (or patch of carpet) to Mabel’s “Don’t Call Me Up” so far.

Kini nailed the timing, as models often do, waiting for her introduction from fellow model and host of Love Island, Laura Whitmore. Many of her follower’s agreed with brooki.t that “she knew this was her moment.”

Monster High

A bombshell so hot, it got banned from TikTok Live. No one could have predicted that Monster High Stories would have one of the best “hot new bombshell” memes of the summer.

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The Monster High dolls, Holt Hyde specifically, were basically made for this meme, with the flame hair, killer style, and bomb tattoos. No wonder TikTok couldn’t handle it. Complete with a doll house villa and swanky ride, Holt “Mabel” is a fierce competitor.


The meme everyone has been waiting for. Due to the recent popularity of Stranger Things season 4, the Vecna memes are on full blast. Though all Vecna-related TikToks should be on the list, this one is a top contender.

She’s serving looks, evil, and most importantly, hot new bombshell energy. Vecna’s alter ego, “Yassified Vecna” can be used to perfectly sum him up as a character as being very into himself. Until the Stranger Things kids can defeat him in season 5, Vecna will be turning heads in the Upside Down.


The most relatable “hot new bombshell” meme goes to ladbabyofficial. Social media influencers and husband and wife, Mark and Roxanne give the public a more achievable bombshell look by simply, taking, what appears to be, the best nap of Roxanne’s life.

Though Roxanne’s reaction to the TikTok could have gone either way, it still landed in the top of the list, making it comedy gold. Hopefully, Roxanne can soon get her revenge. To quote commenter elishamurphy0, “RIP Mark”.

Boris Johnson

The Boris Johnson memes are another crowd favorite on TikTok, but this meme is especially great because it features footage of Boris Johnson vacationing at the beach. Johnson has been an ongoing joke for a long time and this audio just adds more fuel to the meme fire. So much so that it really should be included as one of the trending TikTok sounds from movies and TV shows.

TikTok commenter, niki said “It all makes sense now, he quit prime minister to join love island.” Too bad he and Priya from season 7 (who revealed to have a crush on him) weren’t in the villa at the same time.

Potato Love

Chef turned potato queen, Poppy O’Toole understood the assignment. After all, what could be hotter than delicious potatoes? This meme would have every islander looking to recouple after this hot new bombshell enters the villa.

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Not just any food has what it takes to be a bombshell but if anything can do it, it is potatoes in any form. Let it be known that heads have and will continue to turn if Chef Poppy’s potatoes are to make an appearance.

Full Beach Day Exhaustion

The commitment to the bit makes this meme a winner. With what appears to be an actual villa, malinnesvoll knocks it out of the park or wherever this summer paradise is.

Having a full beach day is enough to ruin any entrance, even as a hot new bombshell. Covering up just how exhausting being in the hot sun all day is will most likely remain a secret that the audience may never know about life in the villa but thankfully, Malin tells it like it is.


Gary: the bombshell Love Island never knew they needed until now. Sure, he’s no Mabel, but Gary is in a league of his own. He is Italian after all. This meme is everything with the high-waisted pants, the pose, and of course, the face that says it all.

Though Gary isn’t a 25-year-old singer from London, he has so much more to offer as a 67-year-old from New Jersey. Anyone would be lucky to have a bombshell dad like Gary.

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