10 Kindest Characters In The Series

ytsfreeAugust 27, 2022

J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World has captivated fans all over the world for more than 25 years, and there are new stories that continue to be pumped out in the form of the Fantastic Beasts franchise. It’s debatable amongst fans whether the new series captures the magic in the same way the original series did, but the Wizarding World is, nonetheless, being kept alive.

One of the great things about the expansive world of Harry Potter is that there’s a wide variety of characters with unique personalities and experiences that set them apart. Some are hungry for power, others seek fame, and many desire to master their craft. In the mix of all those people, a number of them genuinely hope to better the world around them, and it’s easy to see based on their actions and words. These folks all stand out, thanks to their big hearts and kindly nature.


Luna Lovegood

Of all the students at Hogwarts, Luna is the least afraid to march to the beat of her own drum. She’s confident enough in herself to do what she finds interesting, following her heart no matter where it leads. It’s truly something worth admiring.

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Not only is Luna’s own life improved by her ability to shut out negative voices around her, but she’s also able to authentically care for everyone she meets. She empathizes and identifies with the outcasts, drawing them in from the margins in order to let them know they are accepted and valued.

Neville Longbottom

Despite the horrible emotional turmoil Neville has endured throughout his life, he grew up to be a charming and good man. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand. He might be one of the unluckiest characters in the Harry Potter series, but his friends are certainly lucky to have him in their lives, as he’s extremely supportive.

Neville’s choice not to become bitter and cynical is a feat in and of itself, but to step beyond that and be a person that enriches the lives of others is nothing short of remarkable. His strength of spirit shows through strongest when he encourages the students and staff of Hogwarts after Harry is believed to be dead. He reminds them that Harry is in their hearts, and that should give them the strength to keep going.

Cho Chang

She is often quite shy and soft-spoken, but Cho’s kindness shines through in many ways. Even when Harry asked her to go to the Yule Ball with him, she let him down in the nicest way imaginable.

In almost all situations, Cho is ready to give someone a reassuring smile if they need it. That is a gift to the world that is hard to overstate, and it’s clear that she makes a positive impact on those around her.

Molly Weasley

Mrs. Weasley certainly shows some tough love at times, but she does it with a genuine heart. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to protect her children, and that love is extended to Harry as well. She’s pretty much accepted him as one of her own.

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The Weasley’s are not well-off financially, but Molly frequently presents people with gifts that come straight from the heart. It’s difficult to find anyone who cares more authentically than Mrs. Weasley, and that’s a fact all the Weasleys must cherish.

Albus Dumbledore

The headmaster of Hogwarts is a perfect example of the fact that nobody is perfect. He’s got a murky background due to many choices he’s made that he later regretted, but he’s refused to let that define who he is.

It’s clear that mentoring young people is one of Albus’ core desires, especially when it comes to those he has formed a unique bond with. Dumbledore has an incredible ability to share wisdom with others in a genuine way that isn’t condescending. Despite commonly displaying his power as a wizard, his kindness is the most impressive quality about him.

Rubeus Hagrid

The gamekeeper of Hogwarts is a fierce friend and loyal man. His child-like sense of wonder allows him to truly connect with the kids who attend the school, so it’s no wonder he’s one of the most well-loved members on the grounds. Potterheads seem to love Hagrid even more than Hogwarts students, so much so that they’ve even come up with some wild fan theories about him.

The door to Hagrid’s hut is always open to visitors, where they can expect delightful and fascinating conversations about all things considering magical wildlife. His appearance makes him look gruff and tough, but in reality, he’s got a soft heart and he has no shame shedding a few tears when his heartstrings are tugged.

Lily Potter

Fans don’t get to see a lot of Harry’s mother on screen throughout the series, but her impact can still be felt throughout the story. Almost everyone who knew Lily had nothing but great things to say about her.

For the few moments that Lily does appear on-screen in flashback and in spirit form, she speaks with great encouragement to Harry and shares welcoming words with others. Of course, perhaps her greatest display of love and kindness comes when she protects Harry from Voldemort.

Arthur Weasley

Arthur is one of the most curious wizards in the entire series, and his passion for learning new things provides him with a sense of excitement and optimism in many instances.

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Having a generally positive outlook on life is a good indication of a kind heart and Arthur is no exception. He’s welcoming to Harry and Hermione and views Muggles as genuine equals worthy of respect and admiration. It’s heartwarming to see just how much delight Mr. Weasley receives and shares with others.

Remus Lupin

The more time Lupin spends on-screen, the clearer it becomes that he cares deeply for Harry and his other students. Lupin’s soft heart is echoed through his speaking voice, which is almost always gentle.

His very presence has a calming effect on many people he comes into contact with, as if they can sense his goodness. Beyond that, his ability to listen intently with a reassuring smile and to politely offer sage advice makes him a brilliant person that is loved by other characters and real-life fans alike. If only some of his other quotes from the Harry Potter books were included in the movies, fans would love him even more.

Minerva McGonagall

Make no mistake, there are some instances where McGonagall takes a firm “no-nonsense” stand on things. However, at her core, Minerva is a sweet woman with an empathetic heart.

Time and time again, professor McGonagall stands up for those that are looked down upon or hurt. A prime example of this is when Professor Trelawney was about to be kicked off Hogwarts’ grounds and Minerva came to comfort her and provide a shoulder to cry on. It’s a small gesture, but it undoubtedly made a big impact in Trelawney’s eyes.

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