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Throughout its seven-season run, Parks and Recreation introduced countless unforgettable characters that fans grew to love. Even thirteen years after the series first premiered, it remains one of the most popular workplace comedies of all time.

After his introduction in the show’s second season, Adam Scott’s Ben Wyatt quickly became a fan-favorite character. Ben proved to be a complex and fascinating personality with plenty of terrific character development, much of which can be summed up in several hilarious fan-made memes.


10 Highway To The Calzone Zone

One Redditor calls out anyone “wrong” enough to prefer pizza over calzones, using the classic Drake meme template with Ben’s face superimposed on the rapper. Shunning pizza, Ben happily chooses a calzone for dinner.

Ben Wyatt’s love for calzones is well-documented, and perhaps a bit unhealthy, throughout the series. The character’s near-obsession with the dinner pastry is a hilariously zany aspect of his normally quite reserved personality, making him all the more lovable.

9 It’s About The Audience

Everyone loves when others laugh at their jokes but, as one Instagram user discovered, one must sometimes find the right audience, which becomes especially important when marrying into a new family. They perfectly quote Ben Wyatt to highlight their point, claiming to have “made the right choice.”

This meme hinges on Ben’s unprecedented popularity at the accounting firm in which he worked for a short period. Normally teased for his nerdiness among his friends, Ben found himself to be the most popular employee at the firm, with his coworkers fawning over his math-related humor.

8 We All Get Flustered

One Redditor allows others a brief glimpse into their social life, wherein, despite knowing the exact right words to say, they always find themselves speaking gibberish. To enunciate this visual, the Redditor quotes a drunken Ben Wyatt, with a single string of gibberish: “ba ba booey.”

Like many of the characters on Parks and Recreation, Ben is generally the image of a perfect professional—until the alcohol is added to the equation. Once under the influence, Ben transforms into a barely functioning human, who can only manage a few nonsense words at a time.

7 A Bit Of A Nerd

Ben’s nerdiness is part of what makes him one of the show’s best characters. One Redditor points this out by sharing a scene in which Ben rants about why HBO’s Game of Thrones would never be canceled. They go on to call him “quite possibly the perfect man.”

Throughout the series, Ben was considered to be the “resident nerd” among the cast. However, as nerd culture became more and more mainstream throughout the show, Ben inadvertently became one of the most relatable characters to new audiences, who shared many of his hobbies and interests.

6 An Introvert’s Role Model

Quarantine truly challenged everyone, as they attempted to make the most of the time they spent social distancing at home. One Twitter user compares this extended period to Ben’s brief bout of unemployment wherein he poured himself into his hobbies to battle sinking into depression.

While Ben has always been relatable to fans of Parks and Recreation, it was during quarantine that fans became all the more like the unemployed, barely functioning version of the character, with extraverts especially suffering during their experience with social distancing.

5 We’ve All Been There

“Some days are good,” one Tweet proclaims, “other days, you’re Ben Wyatt on a fence.” To accompany their post, the user includes a famous picture of a drunken Ben clinging to a fence that he has only managed to climb halfway over.

While Ben was typically rather put together, he did occasionally become Parks and Recreation‘s resident sad sack. Many viewers, especially those belonging to Gen Z, can relate to this post, as it feels all-too-symbolic of their own lives, in which they often feel as though they are drunkenly clinging to a fence.

4 True Love

One Twitter user graces their audience with a compilation of pictures depicting Ben looking at Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). In all nine pictures, Ben appears to be madly in love with the series protagonist, whom he would eventually marry in season 5.

Ben and Leslie were undoubtedly one of the most memorable couples in Parks and Recreation and by far the most stable. Their love proved to be a highlight of the series, as each character drove the other to pursue their dreams, with their relationship only growing stronger with each step of their journey.

3 A Disturbing Parallel

Parks and Recreation fans couldn’t help but see an interesting parallel between Ben Wyatt and a certain member of the already beloved cast of House of the Dragon. Much like King Viserys’s stone model of his kingdom, Ben threw himself into his hobbies–though Ben’s results proved to be far less visually pleasing.

Many fans are thinking back on Ben, Parks and Recreation‘s resident Game of Thrones fan, fondly in the wake of House of the Dragon‘s premiere. While Ben only resembles Viserys in one specific way, the parallels between the two characters’ slightly off-putting hobbies is clear.

2 It’s About The Cones

Amid a laugh-out-loud joke about how humans see color, one Reddit user drops what might be one of Ben Wyatt’s most quotable lines in the entirety of Parks and Recreation: “It’s about the cones.”

Any longtime fan of Parks and Recreation is familiar with Ben’s original strategy game The Cones of Dunshire. The game became a hallmark attribute of the character in the show’s latter seasons as his creation became a cult hit among people as nerdy as Ben was.

1 The Human Disaster

Everyone makes mistakes, but some are far more embarrassing than others. One Tweet explains an all-too-relatable encounter with a waiter in which the customer embarrassed themselves by telling the waiter “you too” after he said to enjoy the food. Accompanied by a picture of Ben Wyatt labeled as a “human disaster,” the post is unfortunately quite relatable to many viewers.

As put together as he was, Ben also found himself in awkward social situations constantly. Often accidentally making a fool for himself, the character was often mocked by the local news station, which, in rather mean spirit, labeled him as a human disaster when he appeared on Joan Callamezzo’s show. Unfortunately, many fans can relate to Ben in feeling like a human disaster during awkward social interactions.

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