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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law just released its third episode in Disney+ and the exciting appearance of Wong and Megan Thee Stallion has caused a furor among fans of the MCU. While not everybody was pleased with the post-scene that showed Jennifer Walters twerking along with Grammy Award winner and hip-hop sensation Megan Thee Stallion, many others couldn’t hide how delighted they were after seeing the funny and unexpected scene.

There are still six more episodes awaiting to be released to fans who are eager to see the next exciting cameo of the series, especially Daredevil’s. For the moment, She-Hulk has proved that she could be a fitting member of the Guardians of the Galaxyand dance off to any villain like Star-Lord, but beyond being a skilled twerker, she has many other great traits that can be summed up with hilarious memes.


10 Buffed

She-Hulk is undeniably strong, and although she is not as buffed as her cousin Hulk, she still looks like a woman that goes for more than a couple of hours to the gym and that could easily smash anything in her way.

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As the meme accurately points out, she is not the only woman that looks athletic in the MCU, and she seems to be following the steps of Jane Foster and Peggy Carter. Women have many different types of bodies and it is appreciated that more types of female bodies are being introduced to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

9 Down To Earth

Jennifer Walters is an extraordinary lawyer, consequently, she is more down-to-earth than most people. Her awareness of politics and laws makes her question all the right things about society, its structures, and its institutions, and she proved it when she was asked if she would join the Avengers.

Her questioning about the Avengers’ salary, health care, pension, and maternity leave demonstrated why she would be the right lawyer for many superhumans. Many Avengers could be defended by Jennifer Walters in court, including Sam Wilson, who could use his worker’s rights to stop screaming internally about his fellow soldiers and his own social and economic status.

8 Sense of Humour

She-Hulk has had only a few episodes released, but she is already proving to be one of the funniest MCU characters. Jennifer Walters has a very easygoing and relatable personality that’s making her one of the most approachable superheroes in the MCU.

In one of her most hilarious moments yet, she encounters an ex-partner in the law firm who is so narcissistic that he once believed Megan Thee Stallion dated him when she was an elderly Asgardian elf shapeshifter pretending to be the famous rapper. For Jennifer, the news was hilarious, and she reacted just as the wolf depicted in the meme.

7 Comic Accurate

Many viewers found Jennifer Walter’s fourth-wall-breaking cringe-worthy, although, as this meme accurately points out, she does the same in her comic books. Therefore, despite the dislike of some viewers, the series is just trying to be faithful to the comics.

If Jennifer Walter’s superhero suit will be one of the MCU costumes that are incredibly comics-accurate is yet to be seen, but so far, many things of the series – including her musculature – are very similar to her comic-book depiction.

6 Goof-Ball

Jennifer Walters is a bright woman, but sometimes she can be hilariously silly, as the third episode of the show proved. After being assaulted by three men who were trying to get a sample of her blood, she first reacted as a defenseless woman only to remember that she could transform into She-Hulk.

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The meme gives a great example of how the situation was comparable to Jennifer Walters, or any other person, screaming for help when “drowning” when they could easily stand up to avoid the low leveled water.

5 Obsessed With Captain America

There is no doubt Jennifer Walter is a huge fan of Captain America. After all, she insisted so much on his virginity that Bruce Banner felt obliged to tell her the truth—which led to the best Twitter reactions to She Hulk’s Captain America reveal—and she has America’s *ss in her lock screen.

Many fans of the MCU were quick to judge Walters and pointed out she was, somehow, harassing Captain America. Although, as this meme points out, it is fair to say that she was only admitting something Ant-Man noticed first, and Steve Rogers himself couldn’t deny: Cap has an outstanding bottom.

4 She Doesn’t Mind The Haters

Hilariously so, Marvel Studios predicted all the hate She-Hulk would get based on sexist arguments that do not criticize character development, plot quality, writing, direction, cinematography, or anything related to an actual cinematic review, but the fact that she is a female superhero that’s based on another male superhero.

The people who are constantly criticizing She-Hulk based on this sort of opinion got a cameo in the series, however, Jennifer Walters dismissed what they had to say and reaffirmed that she doesn’t care what people think about her. She then continued to focus on her job and proved once again why she is considered an outstanding lawyer.

3 Aware Of Sexism

Many MCU fans have criticized She-Hulk poorly for being feminist propaganda, even though the only thing Jennifer Walters did was explain how she knows how to control her anger. After all, she deals daily with sexist situations that make her blood boil.

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Despite it being just an explanation, many fans took it as if she was comparing herself with Hulk’s traumatic past that led him to not be able to control his emotions. Although Walters never said or implied that she was better than Hulk, viewers immediately pointed out it was feminist nonsense. However, many others have been able to enjoy the series and its acknowledgment of women’s issues, as this meme shows.

2 She Is A Fan of Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion made a surprising appearance on the third episode of the series and even hired Jennifer Walters as her lawyer – although it is up to debate if her superhuman ability to produce musical hits is enough to be a client of She-Hulk’s department in the law firm.

As she proved in this last episode, Walters is a big fan of Megan, and how could she not be? After all, the lyrics of her hit “Savage” most speak volumes to Jennifer now that she is She-Hulk. She is a “savage, classy, bougie, ratchet” and “sassy, moody, nasty” and now that Megan is on her hands, she will show every one of those traits to protect her baby Stallion.

1 Dancer

A couple of MCU movies have embraced the magic of good music and how it can dramatically change the tone of a film for the better. Guardians of the Galaxy won everybody’s heart with their 80s soundtrack and most people appreciated it when Star-Lord danced to distract Ronan.

However, many reactions to She-Hulk’s post-scene where she can be seen twerking next to Megan Thee Stallion were similar to grim Hank Schrader. While some MCU fans are enjoying how Marvel Studios is embracing self-parody, others can’t forgive that Walters is an awesome dancer and knows how to twerk.

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