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King of the Hill will be gracing small screens again soon, though not much is currently known about the series. While plenty of familiar faces are bound to return as the show jumps several years into the future, viewers are curious about how the characters may have grown since the series ended and how current events could impact the storylines.

As Hank Hill navigates his family life and his propane career, King of the Hill brought funny and memorable moments for thirteen seasons with a diverse group of neighbors. From Hank’s love of propane and grilling to Bobby’s desire to be a comedian, these memes hilariously sum up the series.


10 Hank’s Grilling Ability

Hank prides himself on his grilling ability. In addition to his love of propane accessories such as grilling tools, he has come to love free-range meat from an organic co-op. He regularly hosts barbecues and even critiques Luanne’s use of charcoal at her own barbecue.

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Much like Guy Fieri, Hank is serious about the food he serves, confident everyone will love his propane-grilled meat and the flavor compared to the smokey taste of charcoal. He believes everyone should “taste the meat, not the heat.”

9 Proper Propane Maintenance

The lowliest job at Strickland Propane is wiping the propane tanks. However, it is, in fact, super important, and Hank has a saying to remember the proper technique: “Head to feet, you don’t cause a leak. Feet to head, everyone’s dead.”

Hank is uninterested in a job done poorly, even opting to take over for others to ensure it’s done correctly. However, he will always educate others. Though he’s a fairly dull, hardworking person, Hank is intelligent, especially when it comes to propane and propane accessories.

Bobby is an up-and-coming comedian, much to Hank’s chagrin. He has tried his hand at being a rodeo clown, dressed like Cupid, and even attempted stand-up comedy, but told racist jokes. There is nothing off-limits to him when it comes to comedy.

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However, considering he pulls his pants up to his chest and puts on a Jewish accent in an attempt to get laughs, it’s clear that that he doesn’t realize when he’s crossing a line.

7 Joseph’s Real Father

A long-running storyline in King of the Hill questions the real father of Joseph Gribble. He looks nothing like Dale and has a strong resemblance to John Redcorn, but Dale has never questioned if he’s Joseph’s father, and he never learns that Nancy was cheating on him for years.

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Dale questions everything about the government but seems confident that his marriage is fine. He may not be Joseph’s biological father, but he raises him and loves him without seeing Joseph’s differences, which is truly loving.

6 Dale Is Always Prepared

Dale has wild conspiracy theories, making him prepared for all situations and ready to survive if the government and economy collapse. However, his conspiracy theories also make him incredibly paranoid that anyone could be out to get him and silence him.

In “Soldier of Misfortune,” Dale is sent on a fake mission to obtain a briefcase, but when he grabs a stranger’s briefcase by mistake, he throws a handful of sand from his pocket into the man’s eyes to blind him. He is prepared to defend himself from an attack at any time.

5 Bill’s Failed Marriage

As the ex-wife of Bill, Lenore cheated on him multiple times and eventually forged his signature on their divorce papers. He was always confident she would return to him, and things would be better. However, she rejected him time and time again.

Bill is a hopeless, lonely man who just wanted his wife back. His friends could not convince him that he was better off or that Lenore hadn’t changed. If Lenore gave him the slightest bit of attention, he would hold out hope for her.

4 Propane Is Superior To Charcoal

Charcoal is inferior to cleaning-burning propane, according to Hank. Propane is easy to use in comparison and is unaffected by extenuating circumstances like a windy day. Hank refuses to use charcoal to the point that Peggy and Bobby use it behind his back because they enjoy the taste more.

Hank is quick to convince others to make the switch to Propane. As an excellent propane salesman, he has learned the ins and outs and cannot wait to argue over grilling methods. Propane will always be number one.

3 Bobby’s Love For Connie

Bobby really cares for Connie. When she breaks his heart, he is bound to spend Valentine’s Day alone, but Bill’s loneliness rubs off on him. He subsequently rubs chocolate all over his chest, pronouncing his love to the girl next door.

Bobby is generally quite funny, but his intensity makes it weird and awkward for Connie, his parents, who find him pressed against the glass, and even viewers. Connie gives him an inch, and he takes a mile. Bobby enters relationships a little too strong because he’s just so excited a girl is paying attention to him.

2 WD-40 Fixes Everything

Hank has done some ridiculous things but pulling out a tiny can of WD-40 to fix a bigger can of WD-40 may be one of the most ridiculous. The lubricant is one of Hank’s favorite things and often uses it as a fix.

Hank is confident he can fix anything in general and always chooses to attempt fixing things first before hiring someone. He even mistakenly believes his dog is racist against a Black repairman, but it turned out she was reacting to Hank disliking repairmen in the first place.

1 Childhood Versus Adulthood

Boomhauer is a ladies’ man. Without children, he lives a lavish lifestyle, drives a sports car, and does whatever he pleases. It’s easy for younger viewers to look up to his lifestyle, especially in comparison to everyone else on the block.

Unfortunately, some viewers eventually relate more to Bill Dauterive. He’s a lonely bachelor, crying on major holidays, and bringing down the moods of those around him. He has an unnatural obsession with Peggy and cannot get over his ex-wife. There’s a little bit of Bill in every viewer, even if they think they’re more of a Boomhauer.

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