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Recent news that the collector’s edition of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy sold out in minutes gives further credence to just how great the demand for the game is. To date there’s been a tremendous amount of hype as a result of the game, which offers fans the opportunity to attend Hogwarts in the late 19th century.

Whether this hype proves to be justified remains to be seen. Potterheads are not shy when it comes to declaring that a part of their franchise is overrated. In fact, with regard to the richly layered cast of the film series, some fans simply can’t hold back their opinions regarding overrated characters. Redditors have even joined forces to list their top picks for the title of most overrated Harry Potter character and the results hold more than a few surprises.


Draco Malfoy

Not every beloved character within the wizarding world behaves admirably. Draco Malfoy is one example, though his fanbase would certainly debate his actions. At any rate, Draco’s popularity has some fans confused, as Redditor ExpectoPatronum points out with, “Draco. I don’t know why people appreciate him so much.”

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The problem with Draco is that even if his direction in life was heavily influenced by his parents, he still took an indescribable joy in being a bully. That alone could qualify the young Malfoy as unworthy of being celebrated. This being said, like him or not, he was key to the events that unfolded, particularly when he revealed that he did not want to kill Dumbledore.

Severus Snape

There’s no doubt that Severus Snape is one of the most interesting characters in the entire series. The self-control needed to go to the lengths that Snape went to is endlessly impressive, but for Redditor Alternative_Job_8162, it’s enough already: “Snape is an interesting and complex character but holy sh*t. Give it a rest.”

It’s hard to minimize the degree of impact that Snape ultimately had on the entire Harry Potter saga. The character’s heroic transformation completely dissolved the mistrust and disdain that had built up in readers/viewers throughout the series toward him. This has led to the potions professor attaining a certain level of martyrdom among his fanbase.

Hermione Granger

It’s generally assumed that the most popular characters in the Harry Potter series are Harry, then Hermione and Ron. This isn’t the case, however, and as Redditor Ahsoka proves, some people aren’t fans of the character at all: “Hermione first above all, that’s for sure.”

Hermione does tend to get a lot of respect in the series, but then again, this is typically quite deserved. She was often a big part of the motivation that kept the three friends together to take on whatever was to come. The fact that she is something of a perfectionist, however, can lead some to dislike the character. But disliking a character is much different from feeling they’re overrated.

James Potter

Despite not being alive in the series, Harry’s dad James has accrued a fanbase. Redditor DocRayG thinks the character is much too overrated, however, saying, “James Potter. This guy was literally a plot device for the Harry’s growth. There is no point in hating or loving someone who is barely a character in the books.”

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The praise for a character who barely appears in the books or films is somewhat over the top. James had some great qualities, but he was also a bit of a bully at school. Essential to the story of Harry Potter, James still isn’t exactly the sort of character who’s easy to get excited about. Still, it’s hard to deny there’s a fascination toward him from some devoted fans.

The Marauders

Four Gryffindors made up the Marauders: Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, James Potter and Sirius Black. They are often heralded as heroes and even created the famed Marauder’s Map. When it comes to being mostly overrated, the group is Redditor Lazy_Lavishness_’s pick: “I’d say the Marauders (minus Peter, I don’t think anyone would call him overrated).”

It’s true, Peter Pettigrew could hardly be considered overrated, but as for Remus, James and Sirius? All of these characters play important roles in the story’s momentum too. It could perhaps be argued that Sirius was expendable after Prisoner Of Azkaban, but Remus continued to stand and fight alongside his friends making him hard to pass off as overrated.

Sirius Black

It goes without saying that anyone related to Harry Potter – either by blood or familial bond – is going to be popular. This could perhaps explain Sirius’ appeal, which Redditor Hufflepuff instantly thought of when the overrated question came up, stating, “Sirius definitely.”

Arguably the best thing about Sirius Black is that he was proven to not be a terrible person. In fact, much like Snape, his worth was almost completely in doubt until the truth about his allegiance was revealed. Once audiences learned that Sirius wasn’t a Voldemort stooge, his appeal instantly became apparent.

Professor McGonagall

Throughout the entire Harry Potter series, Professor Minerva McGonagall proves to be a fair ally and a tireless supporter of both Gryffindor and Hogwarts. But Redditor Amata69 hasn’t seen much about the professor worth rating, saying, “As for McGonagall, she does not do that much and I don’t see where all that love for her comes from.”

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While no opinion on this subject is more valuable than any other, there are likely to be more than a few fans who find it difficult to understand how Professor McGonagall isn’t entirely worthy of the praise she receives. As far as secondary characters go, she’s a perfect mix of likable and annoying, though her snooty nature does understandably turn some off.

Bellatrix Lestrange

As one of Voldemort’s most notorious Death Eaters, Bellatrix Lestrange has few redeeming qualities. She even took part in the torture of Neville’s parents. Nonetheless, the character has a significant fanbase, but one Redditor isn’t among them, answering “Bellatrix” to the question of most overrated character.

Bellatrix’s popularity is understandable to a certain extent. Villains in books, film and television always tend to have a certain amount of fan support. Whether she’s worthy of this support or not is another question altogether, but as a character, her aesthetics are quite striking. She comes across as a charismatic villain who easily stands out.

Luna Lovegood

Harmless as Luna may be, Redditor ihave1000beaches isn’t interested in the character, explaining, “Luna … I mean she’s cute as a character, but if you’d actually have to interact with her, she’d be that lonely drunk person at the bar who tells you all their conspiracy theories and you’re too polite to tell them to leave you alone.”

One reason why Luna Lovegood might appeal to so many fans is that she’s truly her own person. While the Wizarding World is often entangled in one scandal or another, Luna’s content to busy herself with her own explorations of witch life. Very much an anti-Hermione type of character, Luna might also appeal to those who feel Hermione is overrated.

Rubeus Hagrid

Few Harry Potter characters receive as much love as Hagrid does. This could be because he helped introduce the Harry Potter character, in many ways treating him as a son. However, Redditor ArtoriasBeaIG thinks that Hagrid is hardly worth celebrating, stating, “Hagrid. He’s a fucking menace and a complete mess.”

To be fair, Hagrid does put children in some fairly dangerous positions when it comes to magical creatures. In terms of responsibility, he’s not always ideal, either. When placed under scrutiny that isn’t swayed by sentimentality or emotion, it’s actually quite easy to see how Hagrid could be seen as an overrated character.

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