10 Quotes That Prove Moira Is A Good Mother

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Though the final season of Schitt’s Creek aired in 2020, people love to go back and re-watch this comforting show over and over again. Not only is it a hilarious sitcom with relatable characters and the interesting premise of millionaires losing their money, but it delves into emotional themes of relationships – romantic, platonic, and familial.

While Moira Rose seems to “have no interest in what’s going on” with her children, David and Alexis know that she cares for them in her own odd and oddly-phrased way. Over the course of six seasons, Moira and the Roses grow as people and connect as a family giving Moira ample opportunity to prove she’s a good mother.


10 “It May Not Always Be Obvious But… We Love You Both Very Much.”

Season 2, Episode 13 – ‘Happy Anniversary’

When they first arrive in Schitt’s Creek, the Roses are emotionally distant and unsure of their standing. While they definitely cared for each other, they were incapable of properly expressing it until moving to “this little town in the middle of nowhere” that helped them grow and find a better life.

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In the season 2 finale, Johnny and Moira are surprised by old friends which help them accept their life in this town and leads them to finally tell their children they love them. While Moira needed some encouragement from Johnny, she was working up to expressing just how much she loves her children before they danced the night away.

9 “Alexis I’m Sorry. I’m Sorry I Underestimated You.”

Season 4, Episode 12 – ‘Singles Week’

Moira’s relationship with Alexis has been far more tumultuous than David’s. After going back to school and getting a degree in PR, Alexis starts her own company and pitches a singles’ event for Schitt’s Creek’s arts and culture grant.

This “mother-daughter power team” creates an incredible week-long event but just as it starts, Jocelyn goes into labor which leaves Alexis on her own. To Moira’s surprise, Alexis is more than capable of chairing the event and like any great parent, Moira is big enough to apologize to her daughter for doubting her.

8 “I Have Absolutely No Doubt That Your Relationship Will Get Even Better With Age.”

Season 6, Episode 7 – ‘Moira Rosé’

With David being an iconic pansexual character, Moira often failed to stay updated with his “sexual exploits” until his relationship with Patrick. Engaged as of the final episodes in season 5, planning the wedding left David little time for anything else.

However, Moira steals him away from Patrick to sample Herb Ertlinger’s fruit wines. After finally finding a worthy wine, she toasts his upcoming wedding and imparts motherly and “marital sagacity”. Moira is wholly accepting of her son and reminds him how loved he is as they spend “a whole day together with nary a care in the world”.

7 “The World Is Going To Open Up Wide To You.”

Season 3, Episode 13 – ‘Grad Night’

While Moira’s relationship with Alexis was strenuous at best in the first few seasons, Moira truly began to admire her daughter after she made the brave decision to go back to high school and get her diploma at the age of 28. As Alexis gets ready, Moira voices how proud she is of her.

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Despite Alexis insisting she doesn’t want anyone at her graduation, she begins to change her mind. Uncharacteristically, Moira misses out on an opportunity to perform at a concert and instead sings with the Jazzagals at Alexis’ graduation. Moira not only proves that Alexis has “been and always will be one of [her]” top priorities but that she is a good mother.

6 “You Have The Opportunity To Climb Out Of The Quicksand That Was Your Past.”

Season 4, Episode 7 – ‘The Barbecue’

As one of the best character pairings with on-screen chemistry, David and Moira’s personalities compliment one another and their shared interests give them plenty of opportunities to give each other advice. With a negative outlook on relationships, David worries about “tempting fate” by inviting his boyfriend Patrick to a Rose family barbecue.

Though Moira intervenes without David’s say-so, she reminds him that his four-month milestone deserves to be celebrated and his “nay-saying reticence” does nothing to help a relationship. While it is excellent advice, fate intercedes and brings Patrick’s ex-fiance into town leaving Moira to worry about son “sinking”.

5 “You Can Jump For The First Time Knowing That You Can Succeed At Anything To Which You Put Your Mind.”

Season 6, Episode 6 – ‘The Wingman’

Though Moira couldn’t even remember Alexis’ middle name in season 1 causing one of the funniest arguments in Schitt’s Creek, Moira gets even closer to her daughter when Alexis becomes her publicist. By season 6, Alexis did all of Moira’s PR for her new Bosnian movie ‘The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening’.

Though the movie premiere falls apart, Alexis assures everyone that it was a “carefully orchestrated” PR stunt. Amazing people worldwide, the movie becomes a smash-hit, making Moira even more appreciative of Alexis. Helping her decide whether to continue PR or be with Ted in the Galapagos, Moira ensures Alexis knew PR was what she was meant to do.

4 “You’ll Let Me Know If I Should Pull The Fire Alarm?”

Season 4, Episode 6 – ‘Open Mic’

After some slow business, David reluctantly agrees to let Patrick host an open mic night at Rose Apothecary to attract customers. However, David wasn’t prepared for Patrick to perform. Supported by his mother, both anticipate an awkward night. While this is an unconventional quote, it proves Moira’s devotion to David and his feelings.

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If he felt remotely embarrassed, there is no doubt that Moira would have pulled the fire alarm. However, even greater is her reaction to Patrick’s dedicated cover of Tina Turner’s ‘Simply The Best’. She is incredibly happy for her son and is not afraid to show off to Roland and Jocelyn when they announce they’re having a baby boy.

3 “Take That Ember Of Independence And You Keep It Burning Because You Are Destined To Be On Fire!”

Season 6, Episode 13 – ‘Star Spreading The News’

With two of the biggest glow-ups in the series, Moira and Alexis go on to better things after Johnny receives financial backing to franchise Rosebud Motel. Moira’s initial claim-to-fame as Vivian Blake on ‘Sunrise Bay’ is resuscitated for a prime-time reboot and is made even sweeter knowing Alexis helped her.

Not only did Alexis make Moira aware of her former co-star’s treachery against her, but she encouraged her mother to ask for the money she deserved and a diamond tennis bracelet. Appreciative of her daughter’s work as her publicist, Moira lets Alexis know how bright her future is as they all prepare to move on.

2 “I See Before Me A Beautiful Young Woman In Her Prime Who Deserves Every Happiness.”

Season 4, Episode 4 – ‘Girls’ Night’

Heartbroken that Ted has moved on, Alexis is adamant to go out and drags Twyla along as well. While Moira was initially disconnected from Alexis’ love life, she attempts to amend her mistakes by driving them to the bar.

Refusing, Moira insists and says this incredibly heartfelt quote to her daughter. Though Twyla believes it was for her, Moira “meant every word” for Alexis. Moira proved how splendid a mother she can be and how much she cares for Alexis’ happiness. Hating to see her daughter despondent, she also gives romantic advice that lifts her spirits.

1 “There’s A Time And Place For Sentimentality And Your Only Son’s Wedding Day Is Hardly The Moment.”

Season 6, Episode 14 – ‘Happy Ending’

Despite wearing one of the most impractical outfits in the show, Moira endeavored to fix David and Patrick’s wedding after a storm ruins their set-up and steps up as the officiant when the original one becomes unavailable. Though she considerately wrote a beautiful speech, it was somewhat overlooked when she can’t stop the flow of happy tears.

Uncharacteristically sniveling throughout the ceremony, Moira manages to pull herself together by their first kiss as husband and husband. Clinging to Johnny as they leave the town hall, Moira says this ironic quote with mascara tears proving how much she’s changed over six seasons as a mother and a person.

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