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Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson, the metalhead with a heart of gold, claimed the hearts of Stranger Things fans everywhere when he burst into season 4 of the hit Netflix series as the Dungeon Master of the Hellfire Club. With all the charisma of a ringmaster and metal frontman, he quickly became a standout character despite being added to an already stuffed cast, and while the general opinion of Eddie remains as strong as Dustin’s, some Reddit fans have turned on him like the Hawkins adults who suspected him of being a devil-worshiping satanist.


From viewing Quinn’s acting as mediocre to thinking that Eddie’s character was boring or unnecessary, there are myriad unpopular opinions on Reddit that seem to be fueled by the vengeance of Vecna himself.

Eddie Was In The Wrong With The Cafeteria Scene

Eddie’s introduction involved him making a grand speech at the Hawkins High cafeteria where he calls out certain social groups for maligning him and his D&D club. Most fans saw this as an example of Eddie’s showmanship and combativeness, a result of being considered a Satan-worshipping nerd who lived in a trailer park.

“Everyone was just minding their own business,” points out 2K2OBJJ, “but then suddenly Eddie stands on top of his table and starts insulting the jocks and their sport.” They go on to say, “Eddie was in the wrong in this specific situation.” Not only was the speech full of some of Eddie’s best quotes, but it’s also necessary to establish the metalhead as a villain, making his surprisingly tender scenes later with Chrissy in the woods indicative of character development.

Eddie Wasn’t A Necessary Addition To The Cast

By season 4, the cast of Stranger Things was starting to get quite large, so the addition of a new character seemed unnecessary. However, once fans got a load of Eddie, they wondered why such a great character had been kept waiting in the wings for so long. For a character with so little screen time, he left a big impact, and was full of surprising depth and complexity.

Diggyallday wonders “could they have had one of the other main cast members fill this role? I always kinda felt Mike might be the punk/metal kid of the group most of the kids who played DnD from season 1 could really fit this mold.” While another main character might have been able to evoke Eddie’s persona, he was likely created to be killed off so a member of the main cast didn’t have to die.

Eddie Is The Most Overrated TV Character Of All Time

Usually, characters who enter a well-established series don’t make a huge impact, especially if they’re killed off in the same season they appear. But Eddie Munson managed to inspire a devoted fanbase for less than an hour of screen time, though some Redditors thought he was severely overrated.

One Redditor thinks, “Eddie was a good side character, but nothing more. He is not as big or important or greatly written as people pretend him to be. He had like 40 minutes of screen time.” The importance of Eddie’s character can be measured by his proximity to the plot (blamed for every murder in Hawkins, as the average citizen knows nothing about the existence of Vecna), as well as influence in other characters lives (Dustin, Mike, and several others).

The Love For Eddie Is Overhyped

There have been several side characters to be introduced for one season in the series that fans have gravitated towards, like Barb, Bob, and Alexei. Most of them didn’t have the same impact as Eddie, who was made more a part of the kids’ group than previous characters and therefore more revered.

Mxmxbx29 says, “I don’t hate him but yeah I don’t find his character any more special than the previous ones we had (Barb, Bob, Alexei…).” Eddie had more iconic scenes and more relatable traits as a misunderstood misfit than previous characters, making him an underdog fans could root for.

Joseph Quinn Didn’t Show Enough Emotion During Chrissy’s Death

Joseph Quinn has become a breakout star thanks to his surprisingly complex performance of what could have been a one-dimensional stereotype in any other series. Redditors still think there were a few times when he dropped the ball, including the scene involving Chrissy’s death.

“I’ll have to go with the Chrissy Wake Up scene,” says Key_Shallot_2415, “the delivery of Joseph Quinn here sounds so monotone here.” While no one could predict (least of all Eddie) that Chrissy would die in such a gruesome way, it was enough to render Eddie almost speechless. His monotone delivery (combined with his screaming) indicated denial and incredulity.

Eddie Is Incredibly Annoying

Most fans still can’t get enough of Eddie, whose scenes vacillate between raucous, contemplative, and endearing. Some Redditors thought he was annoying on all fronts, making it difficult for them to even get through the rest of season 4.

Selectname21 says, “I cannot stop myself from cringing when this dude is on screen,” adding, “Like the man was hissing at random as pedestrians and is just trying so goddamn hard. I deadas** nearly didn’t watch this most recent season because of how much I disliked him being on screen.” Most fans saw Eddie’s most abrasive behavior as a coping mechanism – armor to protect himself against a school, a town, and a world that chose to judge him without giving him a chance.

Eddie’s Master Of Puppets Solo Is Overrated

To give their friends enough time to kill Vecna without his demobats attacking them, Dustin and Eddie draw them away on top of Eddie’s trailer. Eddie shreds a frenetic solo from Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” to much acclaim from fans. Some Redditors, however, didn’t find the scene very powerful.

“Everyone blows this up like it’s the best thing ever and won’t shut up about it,” says AzureGhost222. “That guitar track sounded like a**! The scene was cool and all but I can’t see the appeal of why everyone is making such a huge deal out of it. It wasn’t even a long scene.” Die-hard fans of Eddie Munson know that Quinn only had weeks to learn the song, and within that amount of time he managed to make the solo feel earned and high stakes.

Bringing Eddie Back Would Weaken Season 5

In order to give Dustin enough time to escape the Upside Down without the demobats either attacking him or following him through the gate, Eddie sacrificed himself in an epic gesture of friendship. The scene was incredibly touching, and Reddit reacted very strongly to Eddie’s death.

Carcharadons thinks, “bringing him back would weaken Season 5 and ruin his character for me” because he’s “completed his arc.” While Eddie’s death was unquestionably heroic and indicative that he indeed “didn’t run away this time,” most fans thought it was a little too on-the-nose and shoehorned into the plot. If he was brought back, he would also break the Duffer Brothers trope of killing off every secondary character they introduce for a single season.

Eddie Is An A**hole

Despite coming off aggressively at first, Eddie proves that he’s not really as hard as the battle vest he wears. Because fans get to see several sides of him, they know he isn’t just a school bully, a coward, or someone who abandons their friends. Even Steve Harrington, who also went from being a bully to an ally, befriends Eddie (Eddie and Steve even got fan art).

StormriderSBWC thinks, “eddie is an a**hole” for things like not rescheduling the D&D game, selling a “mentally ill girl drugs” and then fleeing after her death. While these things could be seen as objectively true, nuance from the series reveals the impetus behind all of Eddie’s actions, and makes the sacrifices he does for his friends all the more resonant.

Eddie Stans Are Really Annoying

Given his popularity and connection to Metallica via “Master of Puppets”, it’s not surprising that a new generation of music fans are discovering the metal genre and that band in particular. Some Redditors are upset that their only connection to the song is from the finale of season 4.

According to Alternative_Honest “these stranger things stans infesting everything metallica related just to talk about Eddie and MOP is just annoying, it’s obvious it’s the only Metallica song they know, and theyre just hopping on the bandwagon.” Since most Metallica fans only discovered the band through one song from an album, movie soundtrack, television show, or the radio, does it matter that much that they arrived through Stranger Things?

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