10 Unpopular Opinions About Ellie, According To Reddit

ytsfreeSeptember 9, 2022

Fans of The Last Of Us have not only the recent release of The Last Of Us Part 1 remake to enjoy, but also the HBO TV show adaptation to look forward to in 2023, with the first sneak peaks and teaser clips slowly making their way to fans. The HBO TV show has many fans wary and others excited, with strong opinions dividing the community on how they think the narrative will adapt in a TV format.

Among the TLOU fan community on Reddit, there are many opinions regarding graphics, game mechanics, and even the characters themselves. As a main protagonist, Ellie, in particular, has stirred up some interesting and unpopular opinions from fans.


Abby Was More Enjoyable To Play Than Ellie

In The Last Of Us 2, Abby is introduced as a new protagonist whose personal story and view players will experience, as well as Ellie’s. Abby and Ellie stand on opposing sides of the narrative, making the transition between playing both characters interesting.

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Though fan-familiar Ellie gained much more attention upon the game’s release, some players felt that new protagonist, Abby, was actually more enjoyable to play, and that her story was more immersive. Redditor UndefinedPoster shared their opinion, writing, “Don’t get me wrong, I love my girl Ellie, but I preferred the story on Abby’s side. They both have really great parts, but I just enjoyed Abby’s storyline a little better. From the Ground Zero, to the Island, was just more immersive and more enjoyable for me.”

If Not For TLOU 1, Ellie Would Be Highly Unlikeable In TLOU 2

It’s no secret that Ellie is considered one of the best characters in the TLOU franchise. However, some fans were disappointed with Ellie’s character development between the first and second games.

Reddit user bodhisattva posted in the community comparing Ellie’s character in TLOU1 and TLOU2, stating their opinion. Their comment reads “Ellie in TLOU2 is far more unlikable than Abby, if you ignore your love for TLOU1 Ellie.” Although their comment acknowledges an understanding of why Ellie changed so drastically, they raised a very interesting point to consider, that perhaps if players weren’t already so attached to her, she would have received a lot of hate for her actions and views.

The Ellie Statues Look Bad

The Last Of Us, much like any other popular video game, has also released a collection of official mech including clothing, bags, and statues. Unfortunately, some fans were disappointed with the appearance of the statues.

Redditor kokopelli73 shared their opinion, commenting, “I’ve yet to see one with a face that actually looks accurate. The rest of the statue is fine, I suppose, but when something on display is supposed to have a face, it should probably look decent, rather than being just a generic face-shape.” With some TLOU statues costing hundreds of dollars, this user makes a valid point in that they should be highly accurate to the in-game models appearances, despite not being able to get everything perfect.

The HBO TV Show Shouldn’t Be About Joel & Ellie

Ellie’s character plays an important companion to Joel in the first game, with many gamers considering her one of the best companions in video game history. Plenty of fans look forward to seeing Ellie and Joel again in the HBO TV show, but some hold a different opinion.

Reddit user zorkolu posted to the community regarding this view, writing, “I don’t think the HBO TLOU show should be about Joel and Ellie. We have already seen their story in the two games, and I seriously doubt the atmosphere could be re created in a movie/ TV show.” While many fans are wary of the show, they would also argue that it is Joel and Ellie’s story that makes TLOU so special, so this take on the concept of the TV show adaptation stands out from others.

Ellie Is Unlikable By The End Of TLOU 2

Ellie is a very different character in TLOU 2, having grown up a lot from the girl players first met in the previous title. Her story quickly becomes focused on vengeance, and creates a dramatic shift in tone.

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Redditor mellowmoves reached out to the community to see if any fellow fans had a newfound dislike for Ellie, writing, “Ellie just comes off as self entitled by the end of the game, in the sense that she doesn’t much care about her friends and family as long as she gets revenge.” In response, many fans found they somewhat agreed with this statement, believing Ellie now needs some serious time to find herself again, and grow.

What They Did To Joel Instills Fear For What May Come With Ellie

It’s no secret the TLOU franchise is full of emotion and heartbreak, but one of the most significant moments for both players and in-game characters came with Joel’s death.

Reddit user dutch1sa shared their concerns with the community regarding this, writing “I hope part 3 is a great fitting conclusion on to Ellie’s story. What they did with Joel scares me about what they will do with Ellie.” With Joel being the first title’s main protagonist, only to suffer an awful fate in Part 2, some players are worried about Ellie’s story in a potential future game, and how things may end.

Abby & Lev Have Better Chemistry Than Joel & Ellie

Lev was a side character introduced into Abby’s story in TLOU 2, similar to Ellie being introduced to Joel in TLOU 1. Lev was so popular that some fans believe he deserves his own Last Of Us game. Abby and Lev’s dynamic was yet another parallel to Ellie, showing similarities to her relationship with Joel.

Ellie and Joel’s relationship was the key part of what made The Last Of Us such a success, with many players becoming increasingly fond of Ellie’s character as they progress, much like Joel does along the way. One Reddit user has an interesting view, however, simply stating “Abby and Lev have better chemistry than Joel and Ellie, in my opinion.” This proved to be an opinion that raised conflict with other fans. Some agree Lev and Abby are unique characters, while others feel they’re boring copies of Joel and Ellie.

Her Relationship With Dina Could Have Been More Interesting

Ellie’s relationship with Dina was a very important part of her character development, as she was one of only a handful of characters, aside from Joel, with whom Ellie seemed to share a strong bond.

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However, while most fans enjoyed their relationship, it fell flat for others. Redditor Phantom-Umbreon commented “For me, it was just okay. It was by no means terrible, but Dina and the relationship as a whole didn’t get a lot of attention, not the kind of attention it would need for it to really strike me as a great relationship.” Many fans agree with this statement, and found Dina had potential that she just didn’t seem to live up to throughout the story, rather being sidelined instead, when her pregnancy is revealed.

Ellie Did Not Leave The Farm For Revenge

After settling into a farmhouse alongside Dina and baby JJ, Ellie is seen still evidently struggling to cope with the events that played out through the game, with her past still haunting her and her hatred for Abby still present. Ellie then leaves the farm to search for Abby again, in what many presume is a continued quest of vengeance.

However, Reddit user M-Slim shared a different opinion, stating they believe she left not for vengeance, but to confront her trauma. They commented, “Ellie did not leave the farm for vengeance. She leaves the farm to get her mental health issues under control.” Considering the game’s entire storyline is clear about prioritizing vengeance and hatred, this is definitely an interesting perspective on the situation.

Ellie’s Immunity Won’t Have An Impact On The World

Ellie’s immunity has played into many significant factors of the narrative in both TLOU titles. Many fans seem to believe that if a part 3 was released, it would perhaps focus on Ellie’s immunity, and somehow finally finding a cure, thus ending her story and restoring hope to humanity.

However, Reddit user platzandersonne commented on a community post, writing “Ellie’s Immunity neither has nor will have any impact on the Setting and the World in any way.” This is an opinion worth considering, as although potential for a cure was identified, there is yet to be any solid evidence that humanity could manufacture, mass produce, and distribute any kind of cure with the resources they have left.

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