8 Unusual But Appropriate Double Features, According to Reddit

ytsfreeSeptember 8, 2022

Moviegoers have a diverse roster of choices right now at the theater, but with high-octane action flicks like Bullet Train and Top Gun: Maverick, AND subversive and darkly funny horror like Nope and Bodies Bodies Bodies, they also have options for some unusually appropriate double-features.

Finding the perfect double-feature is a dream for movie fans, and it’s even more rewarding when the paired movies aren’t an obvious match but are bonded by shared themes and plot elements. The cinephiles of Reddit have started to discus which movies would make for the most “fun, unusual double features.” Here are their top choices, ranked by how unexpected the pairing is versus how perfectly they truly complement each other.


Heathers (1989) & Jennifer’s Body (2009)

It’d be hard to imagine that an ’80s high-school comedy and a late-2000s horror film about a man-eating succubus would pair so well, but these two cult classics are both ultimately dark comedies about the superficiality of the clique-based culture of high school, and are sharp parodies about “mean girl” stereotypes.

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That’s why Reddit user bloodykonigin chose these two high-school dark comedies, writing “Heathers and Jennifer’s Body.” They also naturally go together because, while Heathers is a comedy, it’s far darker and more macabre than one would expect. Likewise, while Jennifer’s Body is a bloody, hard-R slasher, it’s actually quite funny and satirical.

The Thing (1982) & The Hateful Eight (2015)

Other than the fact that they both star Kurt Russel, one wouldn’t assume that a western by Quentin Tarantino and a body-horror monster flick by John Carpenter would have much in common at first glance. But upon watching The Hateful Eight, it’s clear that Tarantino took great inspiration from the arctic claustrophobia and paranoia of Carpenter’s classic remake, with his use of an isolated setting and an ensemble cast of distrustful characters.

That’s why Reddit users like Drshiznitt chose these two films, writing “Both are movies with Kurt Russell trapped in a place, surrounded by snow, and he doesn’t know who to trust.” It’s also interesting to note that Carpenter himself has always been influenced by westerns, so he and Tarantino’s films overlap in both style and themes, making them the perfect double feature for a cold, wintery night.

30 Days of Night (2007) & The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

Another frost, snow-laden pairing, these horror films might not overlap in plot or themes, but they share one thing in common: they’ll chill the viewer to the bone. With one being a vampire flick and the other being a psychological thriller, they both represent how a winter wonderland can turn into a hellscape.

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That’s why Reddit user chose them, writing “If you’re going for a cozy winter vibe, go ahead and throw on “30 Days of Night.” You’re going to want to follow that up with “The Blackcoat’s Daughter.” There’s something enticing and cinematic about the cold since it can be both beautiful and foreboding, and these two films show just how much the winter has to offer for the horror genre.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) & Possession (1981)

Rosemary’s Baby is still one of the definitive thrillers of the ’60s that spawned a whole host of satanic-child films, but the cult-classic, Possession, might be the ultimate companion piece despite the fact that it doesn’t revolve around devil worship or evil children. An extremely dark psychological thriller, Possession follows a seemingly typical couple whose marriage is being infected by sinister and supernatural forces.

That’s what Rosemary’s Baby essentially did, so while these horror films ultimately manifest a different sort of evil, they’re very much inspired by the similar fears and anxieties surrounding modern relationships. For that reason, Reddit users like thisistheperfectname think they would be a perfect choice, writing “Rosemary’s Baby and Possession would make a good double feature.”

You’re Next (2011) & Ready or Not (2019)

Moviegoers love a good horror-comedy, and these are two fan favorites that deliver the goods in different ways. You’re Next is an ode to slasher flicks and home invasion films, while Ready or Not is a satirical, forced proximity cat-and-mouse game centered on classism. But not only are these movies insanely clever in their own distinct ways, but they’re also subversive but appropriately violent tales that follow a relentless fight for survival.

That’s why Reddit user bloodykonigin chooses it, writing “You’re Next and Ready or Not.” After all, they both have razor-sharp wit, compelling protagonists, and a family dynamic that serves as a backdrop for the mayhem. Oh, and crossbows. That’s a special concoction that only these two cult classics can provide.

Funny Games (1997) & Man Bites Dog (1995)

The most twisted double-feature of the list, Funny Games and Man Bites Dog don’t have anything in common except that they’re bleak and harrowingly blunt documentations of a sick mind at work. Both of these cult favorites follow a killer or killers that in some fashion break the fourth wall by acknowledging the audience as they enact their senseless and chilling acts of sadism.

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But as Reddit users point out, these films take such a different approach to their similar subject matters that they provide a study in contrast. thisistheperfectname points out that “They do tread some similar thematic ground, although I think that Funny Games handles it a lot more elegantly.” But either way, these are two hardcore explorations of disturbed individuals that doesn’t flinch at the cinematic gruesomeness that follows.

Jaws (1975) & House (1977)

At first glance, Jaws and House look to be polar opposites. Jaws was one of the first true summer blockbusters for Spielberg’s tightly controlled direction and finely drawn characters, while House has gained cult status for being one of the most chaotic and wild spectacles of entertainment out there. But while they’re indeed polar opposites, their destinies are intertwined in a fascinating manner.

That’s because, as Reddit user bandearg4 points out, House was directly inspired by Jaws, writing “Jaws and House/Hausu, because the latter was meant to be a direct answer to the former.” The fact that House turned out so different makes it all the more intriguing, and it almost feels like a cinematic experiment to watch them back and back. Either way, it’d make for fascinating double features.

Snowpiercer (2013) & Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1971)

Snowpiercer was hailed as a high-octane masterpiece of on-screen violence, so it’s hard to even imagine what that would have to do with the beloved children’s film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. But fans of both films have actually come up with a theory that Snowpiercer is actually a sequel to the Gene Wilder classic, they’ve made some compelling arguments.

Reddit user bloodykonigin acknowledges the popular myth by writing, “Willy Wonka and Snowpiercer (I know, I know).” Sequel or not, the similarities in both the plotting of a group of characters trying to survive a surreal journey through a fantastical locale and the shared critiques of class structure mean that these two films are two sides of the same coin, and deserve to be watched back to back.

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