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Heartbreak High is an all-new Netflix teen drama series that is gearing up to release on the streaming service on September 14th. A reboot of the popular Australian series that aired in the 1990s, the reboot will follow a new group of high school students as they navigate the halls of Hartley High while also dealing with their fair share of love and heartbreak. Like all great teen drama shows, Heartbreak High is sure to have couples that fans will immediately ship and others that fans will be rooting for to break up.


While there aren’t a lot of TV couples that fans wish to break up, there are a handful that caused joyous celebration when the words “we’re done” are spoken on screen. What makes these couples terrible varies, from the immature nature of the characters to those that suffer from a clear ratings pull. Whatever the case, it’s almost more fun celebrating doomed couples than it is celebrating those living their happily ever after.

Amy & Ben – The Secret Life Of An American Teenager

Amy and Ben were one of the main couples on The Secret Life of an American Teenager and a very important part of the Ben/Amy/Ricky love triangle. While the creators hoped to create an epic love triangle, they actually created one of the most annoying and immature couples of all time.

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Reddit user Halyycon put it best, writing, “[Ben] starts off creepily obsessed with Amy, being weirdly overbearing of her pregnancy,” and even gets mad at Amy for letting her son spend time with his biological father. To make matters worse, Ben also cheats on Amy. The day these two called it quits was a celebratory affair for fans of the teen drama.

Brooke & Lucas – One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill might go down in history as one of the best teen drama shows ever and that’s largely due to the countless romantic relationships the characters had over the nine-season run. While most of the relationships were welcomed, one fan never could get behind was the pairing of Brooke and Lucas.

Reddit user Spiffylady7 pointed out that the only reason this pairing saw the light of day was because Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were dating in real life, and the showrunner wanted to see that chemistry on screen. When the fictional couple finally broke up, fans celebrated, as it meant Lucas could finally end up with the one he was meant for, Peyton.

Buffy & Riley – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer was first and foremost a show about a teenage vampire hunter, but romance found its way into the show like all shows catered to teens do. Riley appeared on the show during Buffy’s college years and was a US Armed Forced covert operative.

Part of what made this couple not work and made fans excited about the eventual breakup was the fact that Riley was extremely insecure in his relationship. As Reddit user sphere10 writes, “[Buffy] treated him as a normal guy. But Riley never seen himself as the normal one,” which complicates their relationship and makes them a Buffy couple that makes no sense.

Clay & Ani – 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is one of the most controversial teen drama shows of all time and a show that regularly created some of the worst teen relationships on television. When Ani joined the show in season 3, she not only became one of the most annoying characters on 13 Reasons Why but she also became part of some of the worst couples. She started out as just friends with Clay, but the two eventually became an item despite the fact that Ani was harboring secret feelings for Bryce.

For starters, their relationship wasn’t built on anything, and they lacked chemistry, as Reddit user pinakulala pointed out. Eventually, the two broke up and decided to just be friends, which was one of the smartest things the writers on the show could have done.

Emily & Paige – Pretty Little Liars

It wasn’t often that Pretty Little Liars featured a romantic relationship that fans desperately wished would break up (they supported Ezra and Aria after all), but “Paily” was the exception. The two were swim team rivals who eventually confessed their feelings for each other. The two end up breaking up because Paige doesn’t want to come out publicly.

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Unlike the other relationships on the show that were built on mutual affection, fans like Tummycake point out that “Paige had been obsessing over Emily for years”, while it felt like Emily “was never really interested in her at all.” Nothing is worse than an unlikable relationship with no chemistry, which is why this pairing was never going to be endgame.

Kat & Ethan – Euphoria

Kat and Ethan begin dating during season two of Euphoria after Ethan spends much of season one flirting and pursuing Kat, who rejected him to keep herself from getting hurt. The two start dating briefly in season two before Kat gaslit Ethan into breaking up with her because she doesn’t have feelings for him in the same way he does for her.

These two never worked from the beginning considering Kat regularly belittled Ethan whenever she was feeling insecure (as pointed out by 37minutesleft). While their breakup was messy and terrible, fans eventually rejoiced that these two could move on to better people, especially Ethan.

Kiara & Pope – Outer Banks

Kiara and Pope always felt like an odd couple to fans of Outer Banks and struggled to get behind their brief situationship. While it was clear Pope had been harboring feelings for Kiara for quite some time, those feelings weren’t reciprocated. The two call off their relationship after Kiara sleeps with Pope and realizes she wants something different.

One of the biggest reasons fans were excited about this break-up was because they hoped it would mark the end of the writers constantly trying to pair off Kiara with one of her friends. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely, as it appears as though Kiara will be paired off with JJ in the newest season, creating some interesting dynamics among the stranded Pogues.

Miles & Tristan – Degrassi: Next Class

Over the years, the Degrassi franchise has been home to countless questionable couples, but Degrassi: Next Class couple, Miles and Tristan, take the cake. The two are an on-and-off again toxic couple who eventually break up for good after Tristan lies about his recovery efforts and Miles considers deferring college to help Tristan recover.

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Their second break-up might be the healthiest thing about this couple, as several Reddit users on the “worst couple in Degrassi history” forum pointed out. One of the biggest issues fans had with them was Tristan’s inability to accept Miles’s bisexuality, which was a major problem for the two over the course of their relationship.

Peyton & Pete Wentz – One Tree Hill

Back in the 2000s celebrating stunt casting was a thing in teen TV shows and One Tree Hill did it the best and the worst when Pete Wentz appeared on the series. He appeared on three episodes of the series, where he hit it off with Peyton and started a casual relationship with her that eventually ended when Peyton used the plane ticket he bought her to go visit Jake instead.

While it was clear this relationship was never going anywhere, the real reason fans celebrated it ending was because of the inappropriate nature of the relationship, to begin with. As Smuff23 writes, “[Pete] was 26 dating a 17-year-old.”

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