Abbott Elementary Season 2 Story Details Tease Characters Outside School

ytsfreeSeptember 13, 2022

Abbott Elementary season 2 could feature storylines for characters outside of the school, according to star and creator Quinta Brunson.

Abbott Elementary season 2 could feature character stories set outside the school, according to creator and star, Quinta Brunson. The popular 30-minute sitcom is a mockumentary about passionate teachers struggling to provide the best education for their students in an overcrowded and underfunded Philadelphia public school. The series centers on Janine Teagues (Brunson), an overly optimistic second-grade teacher who works with and inspires a colorful cast of colleagues as they attempt to give the best possible schooling to their students despite Principal Ava Coleman’s (Janelle James) efforts to make everything about herself.


The ABC comedy premiered December 2021 and immediately received universal critical-acclaim with the show scoring a 98% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Abbott Elementary has since been picked up for a second season and garnered seven Primetime Emmy Awards nominations with venerable actor Sheryl Lee Ralph winning for her portrayal of longtime kindergarten teacher Barbara Howard, and Brunson winning for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. Abbott Elementary season 2 is set to premiere on ABC on September 21.

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In a recent interview with, Brunson shared story details teasing how Abbott Elementary’s characters will be explored outside the school in season 2. The creator shared that season 1 was an exploration of the school and its dynamic while season 2 will take audiences further outside the building and into the lives of the characters. Read what Brunson said below.

“I wanted us to stay in the school as much as possible, because I think workplace comedy should take place in the workplace and that’s how you get the people, the audience, to fall in love with the characters, to fall in love with the school. It’s important.”

“And so, now in this season, while we’re still going to be in school every day, there are going to be just more opportunities to leave the school, go to characters’ houses, see what their life is like outside the school a little bit. I’m just super pumped about that. That’s exciting to write.”

As Abbott Elementary season 1 was finding its voice as it follows in the footsteps of The Office and Parks and Recreation, two NBC television shows that perfected the mockumentary sitcom format, it is understandable for Brunson to limit the setting to the school. The show needed to explore the relationships between the new and old teachers within the confines of their employment as the show is a workplace comedy. But like those NBC series before it, Brunson must take Abbott Elementary‘s characters outside of the school to find more stories that will allow the characters to grow.

Along with Brunson’s plans to take the narrative beyond the boundaries of the school grounds, the show’s producer teased that Abbott Elementary season 2 will feature numerous guest stars throughout. Adding new characters while covering various locales will help keep the series fresh as Abbott Elementary establishes itself as one of network televisions top comedies. With season 2 set to premiere in a week, audiences do not need to wait much longer to see what Brunson has in store.



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