AfterShock’s Last Line Mixes MI6 Intrigue with Men in Black

ytsfreeSeptember 17, 2022

Last Line, AfterShock’s newest offering, mixes MI6 action with science fiction, perfect for fans of Men in Black.

Warning: contains spoilers for Last Line #1

Last Line, from AfterShock Comics, mixed MI6 intrigue with Men in Black style action. The new series, whose first issue is on sale now in print and digital, follows a young subway operator who learns there is much more to the London Underground than she ever thought–it is a gateway to other worlds! And if that was not enough, she finds herself thrust into a centuries-old conspiracy, one stretching to the highest reaches of the British government.

In just a few short years, AfterShock has become one of North America’s premiere publishers, releasing titles encompassing a wide variety of genres including horror, science fiction and fantasy; We Live, Bunny Mask and Kaiju Score are among their many titles. Prominent creators such as Garth Ennis and Paul Cornell have created titles for AfterShock; AfterShock’s titles have won numerous industry awards as well. Now, writer Richard Dinnick and artist Jose Holder are crafting a unique and intriguing science fiction conspiracy thriller in Last Line, perfect for fans of Men in Black and Torchwood.


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The first issue from Dinnick, Holder, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick, and letterer Dave Sharpe introduces the reader to the series’ protagonist, Sally Hazard, a subway operator in London. Her life changes when she seemingly witnesses a man shoved in front of her subway car, killing him. The next day, as officials investigate the case, Sally sees the CCTV footage of the incident, and is shocked to see no one pushing the man–it seems as if he jumped. As Sally maintains her story, agent Ed Tarn of MI6 arrives on the scene, informing them what happened was a matter of national security. The man killed was also an agent, and Sally soon learns the London Underground is more than just a subway system–it is actually a map to alien worlds! And there are dark forces at work, hiding among humans for centuries, biding their time.

Last Line’s first issue is a potent mix of science fiction action, conspiracy thrillers, and cloak and dagger espionage. Dinnick and Holder have seeded a number of intriguing mysteries throughout the debut issue, such as Tarn’s true nature, providing readers with just enough information to hook them and wanting the second issue. Last Line’s characters are believable, real people who find themselves caught up in extraordinary circumstances. The creative team also provides readers with ample back matter, in the form of journals and letters, that fleshes out the world of Last Line even further, revealing just how far back the conspiracy goes.

Richard Dinnick and Jose Holder have created a fun, engaging science fiction title in AfterShock’s Last Line, one that perfectly balances MI6 action with science fiction, perfect for fans of Men in Black.


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