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Before Warner Bros. Discovery began chipping into public opinion of them by canceling a number of popular upcoming movies and TV shows, Ezra Miller was causing the studio no end of PR nightmares thanks to his frequent brushes with the law. While Miller’s issues have made many DCEU fans question both how the movie can continue to go ahead, and whether this was the reason for the many delays that The Flash has gone through, it all seemed to have calmed down recently when Miller appeared to acknowledge their problems and put it to rest. However, Vanity Fair have now published a more in depth report on the accusations that have plagued the actor for the last several months.


The article documents what they define as “disturbing details” about the actor’s love of firearms, as well as their need to control people around them, which seem to have come to light more after the publication spoke to people who have been linked to the actor during their year of assault charges, stories of kidnap and multiple arrests.

According to the people spoken to, Miller’s “dark spiral” has been linked back to the divorce of their parents in 2019, but this is something that has already been disputed by Miller’s spokesperson, who instead cited “a combination of complex stress-related issues” as the reason behind the actor’s recent bad behavior.

A source in the report discusses the events leading up to Miller’s troubles in Iceland, where the actor reportedly spent time with a medicine man by the name of Jasper Young Bear, who they hired as a spiritual advisor. That source, who the publication points out misgendered the actor who goes by they/their pronouns, said of Miller:

“Jasper was telling Ezra that he wasn’t a part of the movement, he was the movement-that he was the next Messiah, and that the Freemasons were sending demons out to kill him.”

Multiple Sources Elaborated on Miller’s Delusions

While many of the details revealed previously about Miller’s time in Iceland were focused only on the events immediately linked to the days around their arrests. However, in the new details being revealed suggest that Miller’s activities leading up to this were something that should have caused concern long before their first time under police caution. Another source explained:

“He’d talk about the metaverse and the medicine and how they’re the Messiah and what his work is here. They say their spiritual practice is to be among the people-which means party. So, when in Iceland, he was out nonstop. His favorite were raves, where he’d go on benders for two or three days at a time.”

A third source made worrying claims about Miller approaching “kids” and seemingly trying to “recruit” them. They said:

“He was telling these kids, ‘You’re going to be in my band, and I’m going to produce your album and you can run my music studio.’ Whether they were visual artists, DJs, kids that were in college-or sometimes kids who might have been homeless-he would recruit them in a period of vulnerability, and promise them all of these things.”

As well as bring arrested for multiple assaults and harassment charges, Miller was also said to have groomed an 18 year old by the name of Tokata Iron Eyes, which led to Iron Eyes’ parents to take out a protection order against Miller.

While it seems that Miller was given something of a wake up call when they realized that Warner Bros. Discovery could be planning to scrap The Flash, some sources have still claimed that Miller is simply “acting through” therapy. It does seem that for the moment, Miller is keeping themselves to themselves, which is exactly as Warner Bros. Discovery will want it until the release of The Flash next year. However, Miller’s involvement in the DCEU beyond that movie seems very unlikely at this point.

The Flash is currently expected to hit theaters next year.



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