Apple Brings Nike Watch Faces To Every Apple Watch Model

ytsfreeSeptember 7, 2022

In a surprise move, Apple will bring the entire collection of Nike watch faces — previously exclusive to the Nike+ watch — to any Apple Watch model.

Apple is making the entire collection of Nike watch faces to any model of Apple Watch with the upcoming watchOS 9 software update, ending the exclusivity of Nike-branded Apple Watches. The company announced updates to three different product lines and an all-new Apple Watch at the ‘Far Out’ fall event. The annual September keynote was expected to include new Apple Watch models, but no one expected Apple to make exclusive watch faces available to the entire community of Apple Watch users. Nike watch faces have been exclusive to the Nike Apple Watch since it was first introduced alongside the Apple Watch Series 2 and paralleled the exclusivity of Hermès watch faces to Hermès-branded models.


The Apple Watch still does not support third-party watch faces, so the only way to stand out was to pick a Nike+ or Hermès and gain access to faces only found on those models. It was a no-brainer for most buyers since the Nike Apple Watch is nearly identical to the standard aluminum Apple Watch. The only deviation was the small inscription of the Nike logo on the back glass of the watch. It is located directly around the Apple Watch’s optical sensor, is pressed against the wrist and is invisible when the smartwatch is worn. The only real benefit to buying the Nike Apple Watch was the exclusive watch faces that feature bright colors and the company’s iconic font. Now, these watch faces are available to all Apple Watch users with watchOS 9.

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Each year, Apple unveils the next series of Apple Watch models, including the Nike Apple Watch. But the festivities played out a bit differently at this year’s ‘Far Out’ keynote event. First, the company showed images of the new colors coming to the Nike Bounce watch face — showcasing numbers that bounce as the smartwatch moves. It even previewed new tweaks to existing Nike bands — the Sport Band and the Sport Loop. Apple will update the Nike Sport Band with fresh colors, including a bright red to match the just-announced Product RED Apple Watch Series 8. Similarly, the Nike Sport Loop is updated with new colors but will also feature Nike’s iconic slogan, ‘Just Do It,’ woven into the band. After these announcements, Apple revealed users could add these watch faces and bands to any model of Apple Watch.

Did Apple Discontinue The Nike Apple Watch?

Later this fall, the upcoming watchOS 9 software update will bring Nike watch faces to every supported Apple Watch model. watchOS 9 was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June and previewed some new watch faces, but there were no hints that Apple would add universal Nike watch face support. The software upgrade will be available on the Apple Watch Series 4 and later — including both Apple Watch SE models. All of these devices will gain access to Nike watch faces when they are updated to watchOS 9, which is slated for release on Sept. 12. Notably, the Apple Watch Series 3 will not receive a watchOS 9 software update and cannot use Nike watch faces.

So, did Apple discontinue the Nike Apple Watch altogether? Not exactly, but the watch isn’t sold the same way as every other edition of the Nike Apple Watch. There is no Nike-branded Apple Watch that features any differences from the standard aluminum Apple Watch. The longtime Nike inscription at the bottom of Nike Apple Watches is gone on the Apple Watch Series 8. Instead, the Nike Apple Watch page on Apple’s website directs users to purchase a standard Apple Watch with a bundled Nike watch band. This is a smart business move for Apple, as the company can reduce the number of different Apple Watch models they need to manufacture but still sell Nike-branded accessories. The Nike-branded Apple Watch was a fun collaboration while it lasted, but Apple’s latest move makes Nike bands and watch faces accessible to many more users.

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