Armor Wars Receives New Logo, Production Update

ytsfreeSeptember 12, 2022

During Marvel Studios’ showcase at the D23 Expo, Don Cheadle confirmed that filming for the Disney+ series Armor Wars would begin next year, then revealed a new logo for the series.

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Cheadle’s appearance came as part of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ slate of content, with the actor confirming that filming for the series — which will be six episodes in length — would begin sometime next year. As for its place in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cheadle revealed that Armor Wars would take place right after the events of the Disney+ series Secret Invasion.

A new logo for Armor Wars was also shown off, bringing it more in line with other Marvel Studios projects. You can check out the new logo below:

Armor Wars Receives New Logo, Filming Update

Originally written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton and running for seven issues from December 1987 to June 1988, the comic story centered on inventive genius Tony Stark as he discovers that the same top-secret tech he used to create the Iron Man armor is now in the hands of several deadly supervillains and is wracked with guilt over the evil they’ve done utilizing the suit. In the face of objections from his government, friends, colleagues, and fellow superheroes, Stark swears to use the power of Iron Man to bring this evil to an end and take back what’s his.

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With Robert Downey Jr.’s Stark being dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the two-time Oscar nominee seemingly retired from the role, it’s currently unclear as to how the series will approach the material or update it with Cheadle’s Rhodes at the center of the story.

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