Billie Lourd Opens Up About Mom Carrie Fisher’s Amazing Sense Of Humor And What It Meant For Her Growing Up | YTS YIFY

ytsfreeSeptember 21, 2022


Actress Billie Lourd certainly had a unique experience growing up. One can only imagine what it was like growing up as the daughter of Carrie Fisher. Based on the Carrie Fisher that we all saw in interviews, it looks like being her daughter would have been a laugh riot, and Lourd confirms that humor was important in that family.

Billie Lourd appears in the new rom-com Ticket to Paradise alongside George Clooney and Julia Roberts and she gets to show her comedic chops once again. Speaking with ABC it’s remarked that Lourd is clearly comfortable in comedy, and the actress says that being funny was basically a requirement in her household. Lourd explains…

I grew up with the funniest woman of all time, my mom (Carrie Fisher), and so not being funny would just mean that I was not accepted in my family (laughs). So me to be funny is to survive.



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