Boruto’s Villain Could Have Been The Next Sage of Six Paths

ytsfreeSeptember 1, 2022

The following article contains spoilers for Chapter 72 of Boruto

After a month-long break, the 72nd chapter of Boruto released this past Friday, and with it, fans got to see the next step in Code’s plan, who just received a supposedly insane power upgrade after having his limiters rescinded. Unfortunately, the writers opted to show off this upgrade by recycling ideas from Naruto, rather than having Code do something wholly new and unique, like having him become the next Sage of the Six Paths.

In the previous chapter, Code had his limiters removed, which didn’t amount to much as he was immediately defeated by Daemon, an act that proves power levels in Boruto don’t make any sense. This was an intense letdown, as Code’s hidden potential had been built up since his character’s introduction. However, Chapter 72 gave readers a glimpse of what he is truly capable of, as he uses his powers to break down Kara’s Ten Tails into smaller “pieces”. This leads to the creation of what is essentially another Zetsu army, albeit with a slight power upgrade.


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This is the opportunity that Boruto missed. Rather than have Code create something that was already a lackluster feature of Naruto, he could have done what the Sage of Six Paths did with the original Ten Tails: create a new line-up of Tailed Beasts. Not only would this make Code stand out as a much larger threat, it would make for a much more interesting story. The Tailed Beasts are huge parts of Naruto’s lore surrounding the ninja world, while also representing real-world ideas such as weapons of mass destruction. To have a new lineup of them would challenge the themes and ideas established in Naruto, while also being a reason to bring the original Tailed Beasts, which have been noticeably absent in Boruto, back into the fray. Plus, if Code gave them the same teleportation upgrade he gives to the Zetsu army, they would be terrifying.

It would be much more entertaining to see how Boruto, Naruto, and the rest of Konoha’s ninja, new and old, would deal with this threat, rather than have them face beings that are essentially going to be “jobbers”. It also would have added fire to a Naruto power-up theory involving the Tailed Beasts. There’s a lot that could have happened if Code created a new line-up of Tailed Beasts, but unfortunately, he opted for a Zetsu army instead.

Code could have been the next and an evil version of the Sage of Six Paths, pulling off a feat that would have made him the formidable foe he’s intended to be. Instead, he’s just as lackluster as ever. To be fair, his creations were just introduced, and as Boruto continues, there is still a chance that they’ll wreak just as much havoc as the Tailed Beasts could.


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