Cara Geswelli Hints Siesta Key Season 5 May Be The Last

ytsfreeSeptember 12, 2022

After four seasons on MTV, cast member Cara Geswelli hints that Siesta Key season 5 may be the finale for the Florida-based reality show.

Siesta Key has aired four successful seasons on MTV, but according to star Cara Geswelli, the show may not return after next season. The Siesta Key season 5 cast started filming in early June, and according to several cast social media posts, filming just ended a few days ago. This season came with more changes than any before. As main star Juliette Porter’s swimsuit line JMP The Label took off, she needed to get out of her hometown and move to a place where her business could really thrive. So the reality TV star moved to Miami, and most of the Siesta Key cast came with her.


Unfortunately, not everyone was welcome. Garrett Miller and Camilla Cattaneo both announced they would no longer appear on Siesta Key. Camilla was thrilled to be free from filming, calling the series toxic. However, Garrett seemed disappointed and claimed MTV’s vision for his role on Siesta Key didn’t match what he wanted. Later, Kelsey Owens shocked everyone when she announced she was let go from the rest of Siesta Key season 5 at the last minute with no real explanation. Kelsey was a big part of the series, so fans were shocked at her abrupt exit and how poorly the producers handled the situation.

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While fans have been loving the reality series since it debuted in 2017, Cara suggested this may be the end of Siesta Key. In an Instagram Story reshared by popular Instagram account mtv_reality_teaa, Cara did a Q&A where one fan asked about the future of the show. In response to the question over whether Siesta Key season 5 will be the last season, Cara replied, “it may very well beee but idk.” In very small words under her response, Cara added, “I’m hoping so.” Cara does not live in Miami and is returning to Tampa, Florida, now that filming is over to pursue nursing school.

Many other cast members left Miami after filming, making it clear that they were only in the city for filming and do not currently live there like Juliette does. A lot of fans have been sensing that Siesta Key may be coming to an end or reinventing itself. They’ve even suggested that Siesta Key should follow the model that Laguna Beach set when they gave star Lauren Conrad a spin-off called The Hills. Since Juliette’s company is so successful, fans would love to see her have her own show set in Miami that follows her career.

While Cara’s comments are not definite, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was the end of Siesta Key, which began when the cast members were barely out of their teen years and still in college. Needless to say, their lives have changed drastically since the start. While producers have tried kicking off stars who weren’t bringing Siesta Key the drama they needed, fans aren’t so fond of some of the cast members they’ve kept. They’d much rather see Juliette star in a new Siesta Key spin-off with a new cast of Miami natives. It seems it really might be the end of Siesta Key.

Source: mtv_reality_teaa/Instagram


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