Carrie’s Best Moments in Season 1, Ranked

ytsfreeSeptember 10, 2022

Sex and the City was a long-running American comedy-drama TV series created for HBO. The show ran for a total of six seasons and was subject to both acclaim and criticism for the subject matter, the characters, and the ways in which they handled certain difficult situations. The show brought a great deal of attention to HBO and with stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon, Sex and the City was powerful enough to win a total of seven Primetime Emmy Awards, eight Golden Globes, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards, ultimately making it as one of Entertainment Weekly’s New TV Classics list.

This highly anticipated reboot of the exceedingly popular Sex & the City, And Just Like That brings us many moments of joy and nostalgia. While the series has been met with mixed reviews, the show is not without its noteworthy moments. With the announcement that the show has been renewed for a second season by HBO Max — and will, per TV Line, feature John Corbett’s return as Aidan — it’s only fair that we look back on some of the best moments of the first season so that we know what to look forward to. Specifically, here are Carrie’s best moments in season one of And Just Like That.


4 Carrie’s Drunk Date

After the sudden death of Mr. Big (Chris Noth), Carrie has no interest in getting back on the relationship bus. However, thanks to some urging by her editor, Carrie takes the plunge back into the dating pool with a widowed teacher. Not only does Carrie’s outfit suitably blow us all away with its fashion-forward design, but we also have the pleasure of seeing a very drunk Carrie on a date. After packing away a few too many drinks, both Carrie and her date projectile vomit outside the exclusive restaurant they dined at. While some fans argue that this And Just Like That moment is ridiculous and disgusting, it’s nice to see some reality to the situation, some that we may unfortunately relate to all too well.

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3 Carrie’s Endless Attempts to Reach Out to Samantha

Unfortunately, something And Just Like That had to overcome from the beginning was Cattrall’s absence from the series. Her absence — due to a “very painful” falling out with Parker — left the writers with figuring out what to do about Samantha being nowhere in sight despite decades of friendship. The way the writers handled this situation was quite tactful. Rather than have Samantha simply be gone from the series, it’s revealed that Samantha moved to London after getting into an argument with Carrie. In an attempt to apologize to Samantha and get her to return to New York, Carrie makes numerous attempts to reach out to Samantha virtually, sending her plenty of texts with the hope that one day she will return. This shows us that Carrie truly cares about her friends and keeps in touch despite their disagreements.

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2 Steve and Carrie’s Heart to Heart

Steve has been a fan-favorite Sex and the City character due to his kind-hearted nature and his innate ability to connect with people. When Carrie and Steve come together to paint a women’s shelter in And Just Like That, their idle chit-chat turns into a deep conversation when Steve rescues Big’s wedding ring from the sink drain. Carrie opens up to Steve about her relationship with Big, and Steve’s perseverance to hold onto the things he cares for so deeply, Miranda included, opens her eyes to a new perspective on her relationship with Big. This connects the characters on a deeper level with many fans seeing a potential romance in the future. This moment is also one of Steve’s best in the season, especially since there were many complaints about his storyline.

1 Carrie Brings Big’s Ashes to Paris

In what is arguably one of the most emotional scenes of And Just Like That so far, Carrie brings Big’s ashes to Paris in the season 1 finale. Not only did a lot of drama go down in Paris in Sex and the City, but Paris was where Big confessed his love for Carrie, a memory she has held onto. Carrie carries Big’s ashes around Paris in a couture dress with the ashes in an Eiffel Tower-shaped purse before scattering them in the most appropriate place for him to be remembered by the woman he loved the most. While some have criticized this scene for being too over-the-top, it provides closure to Carrie, giving her the chance to move on to the newest chapter of her life now.


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