Christian Bale’s Batman Replaces Pattinson In Creepy Fan Art

ytsfreeSeptember 7, 2022

Stunning DC fan art reimagines three scenes from Matt Reeves’ The Batman by seamlessly editing Christian Bale’s Dark Knight over Robert Pattinson’s.

Stunning DC fan art reimagines scenes from The Batman by replacing Robert Pattinson’s Batman with Christian Bale’s. Earlier this year, director Matt Reeves put his own dark and gritty spin on this beloved comic book hero, skipping the origin story and dropping audiences right into Batman’s second year as Gotham’s protector. The film saw Pattinson play the Dark Knight while Zoë Kravitz starred opposite him as Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman.


The Batman was met with an incredibly warm reception at box office, with both audiences and critics praising Pattinson for his performance, despite the actor having been largely underestimated by fans prior to the film’s release. Pattinson joins the star-studded line-up of actors who have taken on the role of Batman, including Michael Keaton and George Clooney, as well as Bale, who appeared across Christopher Nolan’s epic The Dark Knight trilogy. These films are beloved not only for their immense production value and rich storytelling, but Bale is often praised as one of the most true-to-the-comics iterations of both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

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Now, one fan has reimagined Bale’s hero in Reeves’ The Batman. Shared to Instagram by artist @venomhology, this fantastic art sees Bale seamlessly edited into three scenes from Reeves’ The Batman, with Bale’s Batsuit now in place of Pattinson’s. The art was immediately flooded with likes and comments that praised the artist for how realistic the images looked. Check out the art below:

Following the enormous success of The Batman, Reeves is now currently in the process of writing the script for The Batman 2, though little is known about the hotly anticipated sequel at this time. Pattinson is set to reprise his role, as is Kravitz, with many hoping to see The Batman 2 tackle another classic story from the Batman comics after the original drew inspirations from Year One and The Long Halloween. With all eyes now back on the Batman character once again, audiences have expressed their hopes for seeing Bale return to the role one day, with the actor having previously stated he wouldn’t rule out a return – providing the right person asked.

While The Batman and The Dark Knight trilogy naturally share some similarities, given their shared source material, the films are almost entirely different when it comes to telling a Batman story. It’s therefore interesting to see Bale in place of Pattinson in these images. With Bale’s Batman story having been brought to a satisfying conclusion in The Dark Knight Rises, its unlikely that audiences will see Bale suit up once again in the near future. Though this art offers a glimpse at what Bale’s Batman could look like under a different director, it’s fair to say that Pattinson has established himself as a more-than-worthy successor for this iconic role.

Source: @venomhology/Instagram

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