Chucky Star Jennifer Tilly Gives Cribs-Style Tour Of Season 2 Location

ytsfreeSeptember 8, 2022

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Chucky regular Jennifer Tilly channels Tiffany for an intriguing set visit to one of season 2’s central locations.

Child’s Play veteran Jennifer Tilly gives fans a guided tour of a significant Chucky, season 2 location in a brand new promotional video. In season 1, the titular killer doll lays its roots down in the quiet town of Hackensack, New Jersey. However, upon embarking on a fresh killing spree, the Chucky doll’s plans are interrupted by the returning Tiffany in Jennifer Tilly’s body, with Nica in tow. After the explosive season 1 finale, Tiffany and Nica will maintain their bizarre relationship in season 2.


The highly-anticipated Chucky season 2 sees protagonists Jake Wheeler, Devon Evans, and Lexy Cross reunite at a Catholic school to try and move past their brush with the serial killing Good Guy doll. Still, as always, Chucky returns to take his revenge, this time not only on the leading trio. Tiffany also appears to hide from Chucky’s wrath; the Chucky season 2 trailer shows the murderess residing in a luxurious home, holding Nica hostage and simultaneously luring victims inside to sate her homicidal tendencies.

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In USA Network’s new behind-the-scenes video, reminiscent of MTV Cribs, Tilly guides viewers through her character’s palatial estate. Channeling Tiffany, she cracks psychotic murder puns and jokes about keeping bodies in her closet as she takes the cameraman throughout the location’s various rooms. Throughout the video, brief clips of creator Don Mancini showcase the filmmaking process within the set. Production Designer John Dondterman later describes the work done on one of the rooms. Check out the video below:

Tiffany’s estate does appear the same as the mansion portrayed in the season 2 trailer, including Tiffany’s meta bedroom from one fun BTS photo, so getting to see the entire set is a fascinating experience for viewers who cannot wait for the premiere on October 5. Of course, Tilly’s magnetic personality makes the video even more enjoyable as the audience witnesses her character’s exuberant but murderous nature. Tiffany’s various lines could hint at events that may play out in season 2, reinforced by her mention of a hostage that the trailer confirms is Nica.

Unfortunately, the BTS video does not offer fans more extensive clips of Mancini and the rest of the filmmaking crew in action on the set, but the snippets scattered throughout are still fun to pick out. Tilly is clearly in her element as Tiffany, who should play an equally prominent role in Chucky, season 2, but is potentially even more deranged as her mutilation of Nica suggests. Though Tiffany’s bloody hobby will undoubtedly persist, this time in the cozy confines of her palatial estate, it will be interesting to see just how long the iconic character enjoys the comfort of her new home before Nica or Chucky strike back.

Source: USA Network


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