Clerks III’s Kevin Smith Reveals How The Original Version Of The Movie Went Down

ytsfreeAugust 27, 2022

When Clerks III hits theaters next month it will be a case of life imitating art. The story of the new Clerks will focus on Randal, one of the main characters of the previous films, having survived a heart attack, just as Kevin Smith himself did not so long ago. While Smith’s family doesn’t love him using his heart attack for artistic inspiration, the director is apparently much happier with this plan for Clerks III that where he started with the project.

Smith’s plans to make a third Clerks move pre-date his brush with death, and so the original plan for Clerks III was very different, though it did take inspiration from other real life events. Originally Clerks III was going to act as something of a direct sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Reboot as it would start from the events in that film’s opening, where everybody at the Quick Stop gets arrested. Kevin Smith tells THR that while in jail, however, a real life tragedy would transpire, which would then have a major impact on one of our heroes. Smith explains…

It opened on the evening of Hurricane Sandy. Dante and Randal were locked in a jail because the original version of Clerks III was the opening of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot where the cops come in and bust Jay and Silent Bob. All of them were arrested and there’s an interrogation scene and somebody comes in and says, ‘We gotta get ‘em out and put them in cells because it’s coming.’ And [the guys] are like, ‘What’s coming?’ ‘They’re calling it Sandy.’ They were locked in a cell all night long and they get out in the morning to find that the Quick Stop was destroyed by a flood.


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