Daniel Craig and Rian Johnson Don’t Want to Ever Stop Making Knives Out Movies

ytsfreeSeptember 11, 2022

The star and director of the Knives Out films will keep making new installments of the series as long for as fans continue to enjoy them.

There will never be an end to Detective Benoit Blanc’s investigations if Knives Out director Rian Johnson and star Daniel Craig have their way. Previously, the two found great success with the release of the original Knives Out in 2019, as the comedy whodunit was a hit at the box office and garnered widespread acclaim. Netflix shelled out big bucks for the exclusive rights to two sequels, and the first of which, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, will start streaming in December.

Ahead of the film’s Netflix arrival, Glass Onion first held its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Johnson and Craig were both on hand for the premiere and shed some light on the movie in various interviews. In a chat with Variety, Craig shed some light on the future of Knives Out, revealing that he’s hopeful the series will extend beyond the planned trilogy. In fact, as Craig puts it, he will continue to play Benoit Blanc anytime Johnson wants him to return for a new movie.


“If he keeps writing them, I’ll keep doing them. That’s what makes it easy then, he’s such a wonderful writer that it’s there on the page for me to do.”

Good thing for Craig, Johnson feels the same way. Of the franchise’s future, the director also told Variety:

“I’m going to keep making these until Daniel [Craig] blocks me on his phone.”

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Benoit Blanc Will Return in New Films, But Don’t Count on Any Other Crossovers

The common link between the Knives Out films is Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, but each of the movies otherwise features its own ensemble cast. Speaking with Variety, Rian Johnson said that he probably wouldn’t be mingling the casts of the different films in future installments, as he feels Knives Out works best with Detective Blanc investigating a brand-new story with all-new characters every time.

“Part of the fun of these things is the idea that they’re not sequels, they’re completely new books and they’re completely new stories. To me, the idea for the next one — and I’m going to try to stay in this state of mind as I write it — it’s not about trying to top the previous one, it’s about just trying to create something that surprises us and thus hopefully will surprise the audience and thus delight the audience.”

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will first premiere in select theaters in November followed by its streaming release on Netflix on Dec. 23, 2022.


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