Despite Dancing On Broadway, Hugh Jackman Shares Cute Story Of His Kid Making Fun Of His Dance Moves

ytsfreeSeptember 15, 2022

Sometimes actors get tough reviews for their performances, but sometimes their kids prove to be their harshest critics. In this case, Hugh Jackman, famously a song and dance man, was made fun of by his daughter for his moves. He was practicing for a scene in The Son where he has to dance, to which his daughter responded by saying it was “nerdy dad dancing.” That’s quite a statement when it’s about an actor who can legitimately dance well, and is even on Broadway right now tap dancing like a pro in The Music Man

As The Music Man himself, Jackman is known for his musical inclination. From The Greatest Showman to Les Misérables he has appeared as a triple threat on both stage and screen. But no matter the accolades sometimes your kids can’t be impressed. He joked with EW about the reaction his daughter had to his dancing saying:

I did say to my daughter that I have this scene, and the only clue I have [for the character’s approach] is that there’s a famous hip sway. I said, ‘I’ve been workshopping a few ideas, what do you think?’ I started to do it and she goes, ‘Dad, is the idea that you’re doing nerdy dad dancing?’


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