Don’t Worry Darling Reviews Are Here, And Florence Pugh’s Performance Shines Amid The Tepid Reactions | YTS YIFY

ytsfreeSeptember 22, 2022


As disturbingly provocative as the Don’t Worry Darling trailer makes the movie appear, the rumors of behind-the-scenes drama have been the focus of the media’s attention in regards to the film. Debates over whether or not Harry Styles spit on co-star Chris Pine at the premiere, as well as director/star Olivia Wilde’s alleged feud with Florence Pugh have dominated the headlines, but what about the movie and the performances? Well, the reviews are in, and despite some lukewarm opinions about the film overall, the critics are raving about Pugh’s turn in the thriller.

Despite the five-minute applause Don’t Worry Darling received at the Venice Film Festival, early reactions were mixed. With the film set to hit theaters on September 23, let’s take a look at what the critics are saying to get a better idea of what to expect, starting with CinemaBlend’s review of Don’t Worry Darling. Eric Eisenberg rates it 2 stars out of 5, saying that despite a promising first act, the film loses momentum quickly. Florence Pugh, however, proves that she’s one of Hollywood’s biggest talents: 

Given the star-power involved, Olivia Wilde’s rising star as a director and all of the pressures that come with a twist-centric setup, Don’t Worry Darling is a movie that invites high expectations, and it’s a shame that it can’t quite live up to them. It’s well-made in its cinematography and style, and Florence Pugh continues to demonstrate that she is among the greatest talents in her generation, but the film is lacking in enough areas to not be buoyed by its best qualities.



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