Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama Praises Newest Film

ytsfreeAugust 27, 2022

Last weekend, the latest installment of the Dragon Ball filmography made its debut in American cinemas. Dragon Ball: Super Hero was a big success for audiences, and apparently the series creator, Akira Toriyama agrees! The mangaka made a post to social media that was translated into English by a fan, Twitter user Herms98, praising the team behind the film.

I’ve finally been able to see the completed movie. In short, it’s an amazing animated film! Well, I’m the original author, so perhaps it’s not too convincing for me to say stuff like this, but even so, I got carried away watching it! I may be an old man, but I got really excited.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes things in a slightly different direction than previous films in the Dragon Ball franchise. While fans are used to seeing the sayan heroes, Goku and Vegeta, take center stage; this time it was Piccolo, the former namekian villain turned ally, that pulled the story together. Piccolo is noticing that Goku’s oldest son, Gohan, has been lax on both his duties of a protector of Earth, as well as being a father. One day, Piccolo discovers that the Red Ribbon Army has hatched a plan to exterminate his friends (which is very inspired by super heroes). When Goku and Vegeta can’t be contacted on Lord Beerus’s planet, he manages to “convince” (more like trick) Gohan into coming out fists flying.


Compared to the usual Dragon Ball style of finding an even bigger and badder villain for Goku and his friends to take on, Super Hero involves a team-up of the other beloved characters that don’t happen to have the biggest and baddest of power levels. Toriyama admitted to being nervous about the shift in focus, but clarifies that the worries were soon dashed once he saw the final product.

Prior to this the stories have taken place out in space or other large-scale settings like that, so this time I wanted to bring things back to their roots, and set the story in only a small area of Earth. What’s more, the enemy is the Red Ribbon Army, who didn’t make much of a splash back during the manga’s original serialization. And to top it off, Goku and Vegeta aren’t the leads. While I tried to make it an interesting story, I was worried the whole time that it might be a bit plain. That’s when director Kodama and the outstanding anime staff came along.

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To Be A Super Hero

Dragon Ball: Super Hero is the first Dragon Ball film to be produced majorly with computer generated imagery. It was a decision that was initially met with hesitation by the fans. However, in his statement, Toriyama praised the visuals of the film.

While the story might’ve been small scale by recent Dragon Ball standards, they managed to turn it into an amazing movie unlike any before, thanks to their rare flair and cutting-edge imagery! The battles in the second half gave me goosebumps, like the fight scene out in the pouring rain. The skillful composition was so intense, I went numb from adrenaline! Piccolo’s so cool! And Gohan’s so cool! And Gamma 1 and Gamma 1… everyone is just so cool!

Despite his excitement, Toriyama continues to credit the crew behind the film for its success. He gives call outs to his story editor, who assisted him as he was writing the screenplay, as well as the director, voice actors, and staff.

This is all thanks to director Kodama and the anime staff, who worked far harder than I did, and also to the many staff members and voice actors who supported them, as well as my editor at Sueisha, who played a major role in making this the best movie possible. I have nothing but gratitude towards them all. I am truly satisfied.

Dragon Ball: Super Hero is currently in theaters through Crunchyroll. The film is screening in both the original Japanese language as well as an English dub.


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