Every Thor Love Interest, Ranked According To Reddit

ytsfreeAugust 31, 2022

Thor: Love And Thunder brought some romance back into the ‘Thor’ franchise after Thor: Ragnarok let romance take a back seat, giving comedy the front of the stage. While in the movies, Thor has only had eyes for Jane Foster, his comic counterpart has been romantically involved with a number of well-known characters that many fans will recognize.

From Storm and She-Hulk to Lady Sif, many of these characters are either currently or soon to be a part of the MCU, so audiences will have to wait and see how many of these comic romances Marvel Studios will adapt for the big screen.


7 Mjolnir

Reddit user ThatNerdyGuy82 comically states “Mjolnir” as one of Thor’s main love interests. The most recent Thor: Love & Thunder certainly made it seem like Mjolnir and Stormbreaker could be in the running for the leading ladies in Thor’s life after the way Thor spoke to Mjolnir throughout the movie and when it seemed like Stormbreaker was a jealous ex-girlfriend.

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Fans know that Mjolnir is still fairly operational as a Hammer after Thor was seen using it in the final scene. However, it seems that Thor will still be using Stormbreaker going forward as it is more powerful than Mjolnir through its ability to summon the Bifrost. However, fans have no idea where Thor and Love’s stories are heading.

6 Valkyrie

Reddit user CSummers suggests Valkyrie as another one of Thor’s main love interests; however, chjkki would much rather see Valkyrie with Jane stating that the two would have “amazing chemistry and this would be one hell of a badass romance”. Given that Jane met her demise in Thor 4, this is not likely in the movies but this could be done in the comics if they continued the Mighty Thor storyline somehow. In the movies, Thor and Valkyrie were never and likely will never be an item, with Tessa Thompson confirming that Valkyrie is continuously searching for her queen

In the comics, however, the two briefly were married as mortals known as Brunnhilde and Siegfried. Upon their deaths, Odin restored their lives but with no memories of their time together. The two also started a relationship in the Ultimate Universe, where Thor died but was then resurrected when Valkyrie died. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster for the two, but it doesn’t seem like fans will see this in the movies any time soon. However, the next movie could take some inspiration from these storylines and weave it into the narrative without copying them exactly.

5 Enchantress

KostisPat257 also poses Enchantress as another of Thor’s ex-girlfriends. Enchantress specialized in spells and magic, and on many occasions she’s tried to seduce Thor through her spells. Thor did enter a relationship with Enchantress, though. However, it seems that in the MCU, KostisPat257 would rather see her with another character, stating, “she’s going to come to Asgard to seduce Valkyrie and try to become her queen in order to take over Asgard.” Given that Valkyrie is looking for her queen, this seems like a more plausible and fascinating scenario going forward in the MCU.

Her relationship with Thor didn’t last long in the comics, and even after raising a son, Thor went back in time to warn his younger self not to pursue Enchantress to avoid the nightmare their relationship became. Enchantress has not been brought into the MCU, but there’s nothing stopping her from appearing when Marvel feels she is relevant to the story to be with Valkyrie, who fans know is looking for a queen.

4 She-Hulk

Reddit user AttarkaCommand reminds readers that Thor and She-Hulk were together for a brief period of time, but it did not last long, stating, “Thor and She-Hulk’s romance was started, given one issue and then pushed to the sidelines.” Thor and She-Hulk grew close during the battle between them and the Final Host, and the two went on their first date watching battle dragons, which She-Hulk wasn’t too enamored with.

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Unsurprisingly, the two didn’t last long. It’s possible that fans could see Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk date like in the comics, but it’s yet to be seen when Thor will ever return to Earth again. If the two are inAvengers: Kang Dynastyor Avengers: Secret Wars, then the two could certainly meet. Who knows if they will hit it off and follow their brief comics romance? Fans will have to wait and see.

3 Storm

Reddit user LucasOIntoxicado stated that “some alternative reality versions of him also get paired up with Storm as well, but I don’t think it ever happened in the 616 universe.” Fans could be allowed to think that the two share some very common interests. Obviously, their powers are incredibly similar.

The Storm from Earth 20329 was also the wife of Thor. In the non-canon series, Marvel Adventures Avengers, Thor and Storm also dated briefly. Will the two get together in the movies? It remains to be seen how much longer Thor will stick around in the MCU. Perhaps the character will take a back seat by the time an MCU storm is introduced. However, if the two are to meet, with Jane no longer in the picture, they could certainly bond over their similar abilities and make a great team.

2 Sif

User Thomasguyregis has also seen Thor linked to Lady Sif, stating that “Sif is literally his wife for a good chunk of his comic history,” making her a solid 2nd contender for Thor’s main love interest. This makes the most sense as Sif is also an Asgardian warrior. After Odin became worried that Thor’s relationship with Jane would make him not want to return to Asgard, he sent Sif to him.

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In an attempt to be with Thor, Sif tried to live a mortal life. However, the two can never seem to have a successful relationship without another woman getting in the way. With Jane Foster no longer around in the MCU, it seems the best chance for Thor and Sif to start a relationship.

1 Jane

Jane Foster is the name that most comic and the more general movie-going audience will both know compared to names such as Enchantress. After Natalie Portman’s portrayal and death in the Thor franchise, fans will no doubt always see her as the main woman there was in Thor’s life. LittleYellowFish is a huge fan of the relationship between Thor and Jane, stating that “it doesn’t even seem romantic to begin with, and they gradually build a connection” and was a fan of how “it helped to humble Thor a lot in his first film.”

Thor: Love & Thunder made Jane worthy in a brilliantly emotional way through Thor asking Mjolnir to protect her. Also, calling back to the original Thor movie, Jane helped Thor become worthy himself. Therefore, if you can help make Thor worthy, then it makes total sense that Jane herself is also worthy.

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