Fencing Expert Looked At Pirates Of The Caribbean’s Famous Sword Fight, And He Has Some Complaints About Orlando Bloom

ytsfreeSeptember 16, 2022

The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl was a massive hit, even if some of the movie’s co-stars, like Kiera Knightly, did not expect the success.  That first Pirates movie birthed a billion dollar franchise for Disney. There are a number of iconic characters and scenes in the film, but one of the best, without question, is the first meeting of Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner and Johnny Depp’s super popular Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s an epic swordfight, but a professional fencing master as a big problem with the way Orlando Bloom handles his blade.

In a new video expert swordsman Dave Rawlings speaks with Insider and gives his opinions on a number of different classic sword battles in TV and film. When it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean, Rawlings has some good things to say about the fight, but he takes significant issue with Orlando Bloom’s sword grip, saying…

I hate how he’s holding his sword. Orlando Bloom is holding a sword in a manner that upsets me. Put your thumb on the flat of the blade. You’re going to have much more of an ability to hold onto your sword. If you wanted to turn your hand over slightly, then do so. But this just kind of feels like a hideous way to lose your sword.


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