Florence Pugh Limits Press Appearances For New Movie, Fuels Drama Rumors

ytsfreeAugust 28, 2022

Florence Pugh is not doing press for Don’t Worry Darling besides attending the film’s premiere, fueling rumors of drama with director Olivia Wilde.

As troublesome reports surface about the film, Florence Pugh is limiting press appearances for Don’t Worry Darling beyond attending the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival, fueling behind-the-scenes drama rumors. The past few weeks have seen a number of controversial stories swirl about the psychological thriller, with director Olivia Wilde now in a relationship with star Harry Styles, around the time in which she began her divorce from Jason Sudeikis. Pugh is also reportedly unhappy with Wilde for multiple reasons.


The Black Widow actress has expressed her disdain for Don’t Worry Darling’s hypersexualization in its marketing, as she doesn’t want the lead female to be reduced to sex scenes. Wilde has opposed this claim, saying the point is to focus on female pleasure, which is not shown as often as men, and that the sex scenes are integral to the story. Wilde has also experienced drama with Pugh reportedly unhappy she began dating Styles on set while still with Jason Sudeikis, and with Shia LaBeouf reportedly fired from the film, but now claiming to have quit, even sharing a video in which Wilde appears to be asking LaBeouf not to quit the film.

Related: Is Harry Styles’ Don’t Worry Darling Secretly A Sci-Fi Remake?According to The Wrap, Pugh will not be doing press for Don’t Worry Darling besides attending the film’s Venice Film Festival premiere. Film executives reportedly knew Pugh’s availability for Don’t Worry Darling’s press tour would be limited, with the actress currently working on Dune 2 in Budapest. However, the severe lack of press from the film’s star is unusual, and viewers have begun speculating about potential drama between her and director/co-star Olivia Wilde.

Despite reports of drama, Pugh and Wilde have not directly addressed their reported issues with their work relationship on Don’t Worry Darling. Wilde has praised Pugh’s performance though, and also denied that there is a pay gap between Pugh and Styles. Rumors have also been swirling about the two falling out, with Pugh’s social media barely promoting the movie and not giving any likes to Wilde’s posts about the film and Pugh.

While it is concerning that the star of Don’t Worry Darling won’t be doing press for the film, it makes sense her lack of press was planned by Warner Bros. given the studio is also behind Dune: Part Two. It does, however, fit into the narrative of conflict between Pugh and Wilde, with viewers likely to take this information and jump to preconceived conclusions about a fallout between the two. Whether the behind the scenes drama is real or not, fans should be more concerned about issues with Don’t Worry Darling’s chemistry between Pugh and Styles and Styles’ lack of acting background, especially when compared side by side to Pugh.

Source: The Wrap

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