Halloween Ends’ Director Explains How The Slasher Is Handling Michael Myers During The Time Jump

ytsfreeSeptember 13, 2022

The horror genre has been thriving for years now, with fans enjoying a thrilling renaissance of new and returning properties. Some of the best horror movies have returned thanks to new sequels, including John Carpenter’s beloved Halloween franchise. David Gordon Green’s current trilogy will come to an end this October with Halloween Ends (aka Jamie Lee Curtis’ swan song as Laurie), with the director explaining how it’ll be handling Michael Myers during the time jump.

Not much is known about the contents of Halloween Ends, despite the movie arriving next month. But one detail that’s been confirmed is that the upcoming horror movie will feature a years-long time jump, allowing the timeline in-universe to catch up to the real world. David Gordon Green recently spoke to Total Film about whether or not we’ll know what The Shape was up to during the years of the time gap, saying:

We don’t really explain that. It’s like: I don’t want to see where Jaws goes to sleep at night when I’m watching a shark movie. I want to see him when he pops up, and he’s got an appetite!


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