Hawai’i Season 1 Featurette Highlights Kate Whistler

ytsfreeSeptember 3, 2022

ComingSoon is excited to debut a bonus featurette from the NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 DVD, which is out September 6. The clip features showrunners and executive producers, along with actress Tori Anderson, discussing the LGBTQ character Kate Whistler. The six-disc set features all 22 episodes and over 45 minutes of special features.

“Special Agent Tennant (Vanessa Lachey), who has thrived and risen through the ranks by equal parts confidence and strategy in a system that has pushed back on her every step of the way,” says the synopsis. “Her unwavering team is a skilled mix of mainland transplants and includes field agents Kai Holman (Alex Tarrant, Night Raiders), Jesse Boone (Noah Mills, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) and Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami, The Originals), and tech specialist Ernie Malik (Jason Antoon, Minority Report). Together, they balance duty to family and country, while investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security, and the mysteries of the sun-drenched island paradise itself.”

Check out the NCIS: Hawai’i featurette below:

Other NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 special features include:

  • ‘OHANA: CELEBRATING SEASON 1 – A fascinating peek into the world of making a television series in paradise, alongside front-row access as the traditional Hawaiian blessing is given to the series, the featurette provides an insider’s look at NCIS: Hawai’i. The cast and producers talk about how the series came together, searching for the cast and how it stands out from other shows in the NCIS franchise.
  • ISLAND WEAR – Costume Designer Luke Reichle provides a remarkable tour of NCIS: Hawai’i – Season One’s costume department, filled with a variety of styles from traditional Hawaiian clothing to police and military wear and modern wardrobe. The behind-the-curtain view also follows Reichle as he explains how each actors’ outfits establish their on-screen personalities.
  • CREATING PARADISE – Join Production Designer Andrew Bernard and Set Decorator Carrie Stewart as they discuss creating the memorable sets for NCIS: Hawai’i with the help of their staff and producers.
  • TORRES AND TENNANT – Everyone loves a good story, especially when it brings together the characters from two hit series, like NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i. Further explore the major crossover event where Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) find themselves in Hawai‘i helping Jane Tennant and her team solve an unsolved crime.

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