How James Cameron’s Avatar Franchise Was Surprisingly Influenced By Madonna | YTS YIFY

ytsfreeSeptember 22, 2022


The influence of pop music icon Madonna knows no bounds. She’s seemingly affected every inch of pop culture, from music to fashion to film. While her movie career has been on ice in recent years, others involved in the film industry have found inspiration from the pop singer. One of those people who’s looked to the Grammy winner is actually Oscar-winning director James Cameron, and he did so when he began filming the Avatar franchise. But how did the singer influence the sci-fi film series?

When crafting the world of Pandora, it was James Cameron and his crew’s intention to create a marriage between human emotion and animation. Before production on the Oscar-nominated film began, the team had studied past motion capture-reliant films, including The Polar Express, to see what worked and what didn’t in those movies. Cameron’s producing partner, Jon Landau, revealed that making the 2009 film was about capturing realistic facial expressions. The lack of emotion glimpsed in other productions spurred Landau and Cameron to seek out the pop performer’s concert performances. The Hollywood producer spilled to NYT how watching Madonna’s performances influenced the fantasy epic:

If Madonna can be bouncing around with a microphone in her face and give a great performance, we thought, ‘Let’s replace that microphone with a video camera. That video camera stays with the actor while we’re capturing the performance, and while we don’t use that image itself, we give it to the visual-effects company, and they render it in a frame-by-frame, almost pore-by-pore level. Motion capture to us has always been lacking one very key letter in front of it: E. E-motion Capture.



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