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ytsfreeSeptember 21, 2022


If you’re looking to catch a movie, but aren’t in the mood for an action-packed tale like The Woman King or a horror story like Pearl (the prequel to this past March’s X), maybe a whodunnit would be more to your liking. If that’s the case, then it’s worth watching See How They Run, which follows Sam Rockwell’s Inspector Stoppard and Saoirse Ronan’s Constable Stalked investigating a crime in 1953 London. We’ve been seeing more murder mysteries in Hollywood in recent years, and See How They Run director Tom George has acknowledged that Rian Johnson’s Knives Out paved the way for this to happen.

After finishing his work on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson turned his attention to Knives Out, which he first thought up after finishing 2005’s Brick, his feature-length directorial debut. Nearly a decade and a half after that inception, the movie that introduced us to Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc was released to the public, scoring critical acclaim and making over $311 million worldwide off a $40 million budget. That was more than enough to get a Knives Out sequel greenlit, and as far as See How They Run goes, Tom George the following to THR when the outlet pointed out how there’s been “a bit of a resurgence for Agatha Christie-inspired whodunnits,” and wondered if movies like Knives Out helped George’s 2022 movie get off the ground:

Oh, it must have, surely. I’m certain it did. The thing about the murder mystery is that here in the U.K., I don’t think it has ever gone away. The ebbs and flows are more in the cinema world, I suppose. What Knives Out proved is that there’s an audience for an original murder mystery. So it absolutely smoothed the way for our film to get a green light.



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