How to Unlock The Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

ytsfreeSeptember 9, 2022

Now that Final Fantasy XIV has had its slice of Genshin‘s Serenitea Pot pie with its latest Island Sanctuary, Tower of Fantasy‘s global version is also looking to get a share with the upcoming Artificial Island of 1.5. Not to be confused with 2.0’s Vera region, the Artificial Island is a new area in Tower of Fantasy that offers a sizable map to explore with environmental terrain similar to that of Astra or Navia. While the scenery of this mini-region is nothing distinct or spectacular, the land will feature new bosses and a host of collectibles for Wanderers to find, including Black and Gold Nuclei for Special Order pulls.


However, the most notable feature of Tower of Fantasy‘s upcoming Artificial Island is the home system, likened to the aforementioned Island Sanctuary and Serenitea Pot. Here, players will be able to craft their own pocket world with gardens, workbenches, decorations, furniture, and more. While details regarding the potential microtransactions that could entail this space are unknown, most of the Wanderer community are excited about the new content to come.

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Final Fantasy XIV‘s Artificial Island becomes available after the completion of the last expansion, and the Serenitea Pot of Genshin Impact can only be accessed after reaching Liyue in the main storyline. Similarly, Tower of Fantasy fans are likely anticipating what kind of requirement or prerequisite quests must be fulfilled before their new home on Artificial Island becomes accessible. After all, it is unlikely such a significant feature will be available from the start of one’s adventure.

Unlocking The Artificial Island In Tower Of Fantasy

According to Game8, the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy requires the following prerequisites for players to unlock Artificial Island:

  • Complete Chapter 2 of the main storyline.
  • Reach Wanderer Level 55 or higher.
  • Follow the Vera storyline, which becomes available at Level 14.

During the Vera story, Chinese Wanderers were able to gain access to a ship that took them to Artificial Island. However, the Island itself does not officially become the “player’s home” until several more tasks are fulfilled, such as finding Developer Logs about the map, reaching Level 60, and progressing to 840 points in the region’s World Exploration.

Needless to say, these requirements for unlocking Artificial Island are based on community speculation based on the Chinese release of Tower of Fantasy. There will likely be some changes regarding how global players are able to gain access to the new area. However, keep in mind that non-story-related prerequisites like Wanderer Level, World Exploration, or collectible hunting will likely be the same in the global version.

Source: Game8

  • Tower of Fantasy Key Art

    Tower of Fantasy


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    In Tower of Fantasy, mankind has been forced to leave Earth in search of new frontiers due to the depletion of resources and energy. Now humanity has migrated to Aida, a lush alien world that supports human life. When humans discover a comet known as Mara which contains an energy source known as “Omnium”, they build a Tower to contain it. However, Omnium radiation causes a catastrophic event which will require heroes from all over to bring everything back to normal.Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play multiplayer game with action RPG elements, where players can create their own protagonists while gathering new heroes, weapons, and classes as they travel the world of Aida. Similar to Genshin Impact, players can partner with others as they travel the land collecting materials and upgrades for their teams. Tower of Fantasy has entered an early open access beta as of August 11th, and will fully release on Steam in Q4 of 2022.


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