Hulu’s Wedding Season is a Clever, Hitchcockian Romp | TV/Streaming

ytsfreeSeptember 9, 2022

Katie (Rosa Salazar) is having a wildly bad day at the beginning of “Wedding Season,” starting with a guy named Stefan (Drea) who interrupts her big ceremony and confesses his love. She screams in his face to get out, having been set on marrying a posh dude named Hugo Delaney (George Webster), marrying into their powerful family. But later on in the evening, something worse happens—eight Delaneys are fatally poisoned at the wedding, making her a key suspect. She instantly flees the scene, making her look even more guilty, and becomes the subject of pursuit by two top cops, Donahue (Jamie Michie) and Metts (Jade Harrison). 

It turns out that Katie knows Stefan very well, at least from the three months they have been secretly seeing each other from the start of wedding season. A big romantic fixated on one day having a ceremony of his own, Stefan became entangled with Katie in more innocent times. Or so he thought. They reunite when she suddenly breaks him out of police custody, in need of his help to find out who did the poisoning and to clear her name. Soon enough the two are standing on the police building’s rooftop, where she tries to convince him to take the big leap with her. 

“Wedding Season” maneuvers its way to such winking rom-com-ready beats, and it does so sincerely with a light tone that’s equally open to sudden murder or the snark of an observer drinking open-bar booze. Lyttleton’s series deeply commits to its cute concept, finding different clever ways for various attended weddings from Katie’s and Stefan’s past to be key plot points, or to weaponize mainstays like a wedding hashtag when things get dangerous. 

And the production team has visible fun in imagining different theme gatherings—like one that takes place inside a drained swimming pool, odd—capturing the experience of going to an expensive but possibly ill-advised well-planned event. It’s more immediately relatable than the classic, elegant versions of this story, adding even more to the sweetness of seeing Katie and Stefan work together one ceremony at a time. They’re trying to not get killed by the armed men who start stalking them, and among their frantic decisions their bond is tested for what they know and trust about each other. 


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