James Cameron Is Making A Big Budget Spectacle With Avatar 2. What’s An Extra ‘$5 Million’ Here Or There? | YTS YIFY

ytsfreeSeptember 22, 2022


Some filmmakers have trouble obtaining just the right amount of money to bring their cinematic vision to life, and then there are the filmmakers who have no issue accessing funds. James Cameron falls into the latter camp, as evidenced by how he spent $200 million to make 1997’s Titanic, followed by the roughly $237 million he poured into Avatar. Cameron’s work will next be on display in the upcoming movie Avatar: The Way of Water, and when it comes to these bid budget spectacles, the director has admitted he isn’t shy with throwing in an extra “$5 million” here and there if the situation calls for it. 

During an interview with The Times (opens in new tab), James Cameron was asked about the secret to his success, and the filmmaker mentioned that he doesn’t allow money to be an obstacle when it comes to delivering the best movie possible, saying:

I don’t know. I don’t make any decisions on movies thinking, ‘That will be worth an extra $5 million.’ You just follow your nose as a storyteller — you can’t deconstruct the gross.



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