Jeffrey Dean Morgan Disappointed With Handling Of Walking Dead Spin-Off Reveals

ytsfreeSeptember 14, 2022

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Negan in The Walking Dead, and has his own spin-off coming, but the actor feels its announcement about it was all wrong.

The Walking Dead is spreading out in a number of spin-offs featuring some of the much-loved characters from the series, one of which is Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, who will be heading up Dead City with Loren Cohen’s Maggie. However, the actor doesn’t believe that the spin-offs should have been revealed in the way they have been, as it takes away the jeopardy from the finale of flagship show.

The Walking Dead had had a rocky road from its early success, through a tricky later run, and now is into the final straight of its 11th season on AMC. However, despite the series ending after this Fall’s new episodes, the franchise has plenty of life left in it, with enough spin-offs coming to make it seem like the series hasn’t actually ended. Having played one of the greatest antagonists of the show before becoming one of the good guys, well almost, Jeffrey Dean Morgan doesn’t think the right call was made when deciding how to reveal the new spin-offs. While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Morgan commented:


“That’s not the way we should have gone about it. But this is how it was chosen to play out. And who knows? Maybe we couldn’t have kept the secret. But it seems to me we could have given it a shot. I would’ve tried to go about it in a different way, but look, that’s above my pay grade.”

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The Walking Dead Has Already Revealed Which Characters Will Continue On After The Series Finale

It is easy to see where Morgan is coming from when he aired his dissatisfaction at the way The Walking Dead’s spin-off shows were announced ahead of the third part of season 11 even getting underway. When any long-running series comes to an end, there is always a possibility that the finale could see the demise of some favorite characters, which has been seen in shows like Game of Thrones, Lost and Breaking Bad. However, despite the perils still awaiting the characters as the Commonwealth goes to war, we already know which characters will be heading off on their own adventures next year and beyond.

As well as the Negan and Maggie-centric Dead City, which will see the dubious pairing heading off to a zombie-ridden Manhattan, Daryl will have his own series as he sets off to France in a story that seems set to tie into the finale of Walking Dead: The World Beyond, and more recently it was announced that Andrew Lincoln will be reprising his role as Rick Grimes who will be reunited with Michonne (Danai Guiria) in a new limited series that will replace the long-promised Rick Grimes movies.

Of course that isn’t where future Walking Dead content will end, as Tales of The Walking Dead will be getting a second season, and Fear The Walking Dead is still very much full of life for now. Even then, there is nothing to say that the announced spin-offs will be the last, as it is a big world out there and there are still plenty of stories to tell within the wider universe.


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