Johnny Depp Makes Surprise Appearance at MTV Video Music Awards

ytsfreeAugust 29, 2022

Ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards, there had been rumors that Johnny Depp would be making a surprise appearance. His name had been trending with fans anticipating the actor would be showing up, and on Sunday evening, there were many tuning in to see if the rumors were true. That turned out to be the case as Depp did appear in costume dressed as the moon person, the show’s mascot. Depp did not physically appear in the building, as his appearance was added to the show digitally.

The moment came shortly after a performance by Lizzo, Jack Harlow, and Fergie. That’s when viewers saw a man in the moon person outfit who, upon closer inspection, had Depp’s face behind the glass of the helmet. Looking like he’s floating high above the audience, Depp can be heard addressing the MTV viewers and joking about how he’s looking for a job.


“And you know what? I needed the work,” Depp said, also joking that night about how he’s available for birthdays, wakes, weddings, or anything else fans might want to hire him for. At another time in the show, Depp would make another cameo. This time, Depp garnered some applause by bringing up a criticism that has plagued MTV in recent years. Missing how music used to be featured more prominently on the network, Depp commented, “Hey VMAs, let’s get back to the f***ing music, shall we?”

Depp has shared a snippet of the footage of his time at the VMAs to Instagram, and you can check that out below if you missed the show live.

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Johnny Depp Has Been Getting Work After His Defamation Trial

Though Johnny Depp may be joking about needing work, the truth is that he’s been keeping pretty busy since coming out victorious in his defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp has been delving back into his music career with new shows and music created with his musician friend Jeff Beck. He has also announced that he will reunite with his band Hollywood Vampires next year for a Summer 2023 tour in the UK.

Depp has also been getting his acting career back on track. He is currently hard at work on Jeanne du Barry, a French drama that stars Depp as King Louis XV. With Depp back on television and getting new starring roles in the works, chances are we will be seeing him popping up a lot more in different roles in the future as well. But given his strained relationship with Disney, fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes up too high for a Pirates of the Caribbean return.

“Captain Jack Sparrow was a character I built from the ground up and was something that I, of course, put a lot of [myself] into the character and also having worked on these films with these people and added much of myself, much of my own re-writing of the dialogue and scenes and jokes,” Depp testified at his trial. “I didn’t quite understand how, after that long relationship and quite a successful relationship certainly for Disney, that suddenly I was guilty until proven innocent.”


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