Jordan Peele Reveals An Amazing Secret About Nope, And My Mind Is Blown

ytsfreeSeptember 13, 2022

As Jordan Peele’s Nope is a sci-fi film about a freaky flying saucer floating above a farm, there are bound to be a ton of night scenes. You may be wondering how those night scenes of a UFO being spotted in the night sky could have worked in terms of great lighting for audiences to see this bizarre spectacle. Well, the Oscar-winning director and his cinematographer reveal a secret of the success of these night scenes that is sure to blow your mind.

You may be watching the flying saucer wreaking havoc at nighttime in Agua Dulce and wonder what the secret was for making these scenes visible to the naked eye. As reported by Variety, Jordan Peele revealed his secret at a Toronto International Film Festival Q&A of a piece of Nope trivia that will widen your eyes with disbelief. In the filmmaker’s words:

I haven’t wanted to ruin the illusion, but I’ll ruin it for you today. The night shots, for the most part, were shot in the day, which is due to a technological and strategic thing that [Hoyte van Hoytema] brought to the table.


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