Julia Roberts Has An A+ Response When Asked Why She Decided To Film Rom-Com Ticket To Paradise With George Clooney | YTS YIFY

ytsfreeSeptember 21, 2022


Julia Roberts and George Clooney have managed to keep their friendship intact since first teaming up in Ocean’s Eleven. Of course, the two Hollywood stars have developed enough of a rapport with each other to trade witty banter on occasion. That’s why pairing up for the romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise made sense. With the movie premiering in a few weeks, Roberts gave an A+ response regarding why she decided to film the rom-com with Clooney.

The movie marked Roberts’ return to the genre after she stopped doing rom-coms for years. In fact, doing Ticket to Paradise led to her defending her and other stars’ 1990s romantic comedies. Seeing the Ocean’s Eleven co-stars as a divorced couple may be what audiences need as critics are saying in Ticket to Paradise reviews, as playing a former couple suits the friends’ dynamic. Roberts was asked what prompted her to join the comedy film, and the rom-com staple cheekily responded by implying it was the chance to make fun of Clooney, saying to The AU Review:

Just the chance to be really snarky to George jumped out at me (laughs). Just to see him so pathetically in love with me.



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