Legacies: Main Characters’ Endings, Ranked

ytsfreeSeptember 6, 2022

In its final season, Legacies started to prepare everyone for potential endings, and “Just Don’t Be A Stranger, Okay?” confirmed where everyone’s fates landed. But who had the best end or the worst? Which members of the Super Squad moved forward toward a hopeful future? Who was left more in the wind as the final minutes closed? Certain elements, such as Malivore’s defeat and Hope becoming a full Tribrid, seemed almost inevitable from the show’s beginning. However, not everyone’s journey followed a more obvious path. Some characters had to go through a lot of development to reach where they concluded by the finale.

The series finale of Legacies even called the future of the Salvatore School into question after such a long list of monster attacks and student deaths. But, “Just Don’t Be A Stranger, Okay?” also used two highly anticipated The Vampire Diaries Universe veterans, Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson, to help bring a close to the franchise and relieve some of the central characters’ journeys. Unfortunately, while some endings helped the characters and series move forward, others were not as helpful toward the characters or the show as a whole.

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9 Alaric

Alaric Saltzman had the benefit of being a main character in The Vampire Diaries and briefly appearing in The Originals before Legacies began. Due to that, viewers who had watched the previous shows had a solid understanding of the character’s backstory and motivations. However, rather than highlight Alaric’s previous experience fighting the supernatural, he has been resorted to being useless throughout Legacies. While he may have helped them learn about monsters, it was up to the Super Squad to do the work to fight.

Alaric taking a backseat in the story is noticeable in his conclusion. Alaric can not keep up with the constant supernatural struggles and no longer wants to. His decision to leave the Salvatore School behind is a solid decision for a character that spent most of the final season removed entirely from the action.

8 Landon

Landon Kirby deserved a better ending than he got. As a teenager simply wanting a home, friends, and family to call his own, Landon certainly gets the short end of the stick for plenty of the series. His Phoenix abilities have been used a handful of times but never explored or broadened. Landon’s most significant uses are sympathy, empathy, and strategizing. Unfortunately, Landon spends nearly all of season three trapped in Malivore and all of the final season stuck in Limbo.

Thankfully, Legacies does grant Landon an ending that works, considering how long Landon had spent in Limbo. Taking over as the Ferryman gives Landon the ability to bring people to Peace or bring a handful back to life. But unfortunately, although Landon seems content with his new responsibility, claiming that he knows precisely where he belongs, it is still an ending that does not allow those who were meant to be his friends to have a genuine reunion with him, thus leaving Landon feeling primarily separate from the Super Squad.

7 Kaleb

Kaleb’s backstory is unclear, so it is difficult to understand how far he has come since his initial transition into a vampire. However, the final season of Legacies shows how essential his relationships with Cleo, MG, and Alaric are. After tragically dying as Legacies heads into its conclusion, Landon brings Kaleb back to life, giving him a chance to help Hope defeat Ken. However, otherwise, the rest of Kaleb’s ending connects him to want to spend the rest of his life with Cleo. Kaleb is gifted a primarily happy ending with hopes for a promising future.

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6 Jed

Season four finally reveals integral parts of Jed’s backstory that help explain his narrative. Ultimately, understanding how Jed triggered his werewolf curse and his relationship with his father gives a better grasp of why Jed behaved as he did. Jed’s conclusion allows him to continue his relationship with Ben. But, it also means stepping away from the pack.

Jed’s resurrection meant un-doing his werewolf curse, making it so that it was never broken. Jed had affiliated his identity with being a werewolf for so long that he had the opportunity to discover who he was outside of that. But, he does not leave his pack without an Alpha. Jed chooses Finch to take his place in leading the pack when Jed goes to live happily with Ben.

5 Cleo

Cleo, only introduced in season three, quickly becomes an essential part of the show and plot. At first, it is not entirely clear what role she will play other than as a potential friend to Hope. However, Cleo eventually admits to having a history with Malivore and wanting him dead for their shared past. Once that secret comes out, it becomes more apparent that Cleo will be an excellent addition to the Super Squad. Cleo’s conclusion is more of a tease for the future than anything, but it is vital. Legacies heavily implies that the day will come when Cleo will be the Headmistress of the Salvatore School. She also suggests having a bright future with Kaleb.

4 MG

MG puts his passion for the Salvatore School on the line, refusing to allow Lizzie and Alaric to entertain the thought of shutting the school down. MG has found a home and family at the Salvatore School he never had before. MG has always been someone that sees the best in others, which comes out of him in the show’s final episodes. However, MG’s ending also includes something he has wanted since Legacies began, for Lizzie to reciprocate his feelings. After seasons of MG pining for Lizzie and wanting her to give him a chance, the timing is finally right for them.

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3 Josie

Even though Josie leaves before the final season ends, her reason for leaving is emphasized in the series finale. Josie had left Mystic Falls to save Hope, and “Don’t Just Be A Stranger, Okay?” confirmed that Josie’s plan brought back Hope’s humanity. However, Josie’s ending also highlights how she had wanted to find a place where she belonged, away from the pressures of being in a school made for her.

The series finale reveals that Josie had joined a school in Belgium and was happy there. However, Josie’s loyalty to Hope is a part of her ending as well, when Hope sends Josie the only weapon that can kill her, knowing it will be in the right hands. Although Josie’s presence is missed in the series finale, as someone that had gone on a harrowing journey of trying to discover she belonged, Legacies granted her an essential ending.

2 Lizzie

Due to Lizzie’s transition into a Heretic, it seems the twins no longer need to worry about the Merge. However, Lizzie also gets some solid storylines and character development in season four. Lizzie has spent so much time on herself and trying to work through her mental health. Over time, Lizzie has developed and explored her personal growth. Josie’s absence also meant a final push toward Lizzie, accepting independence from her twin sister.

Regarding her romantic conclusion, she enters a relationship with MG, which has been a long-time coming. However, Lizzie’s ending also comes with staying at the Salvatore School and finally reuniting with Caroline Forbes on-screen.

1 Hope

Hope’s transition into a full Tribrid and quickly killing Landon afterward sends most of her final season arc portraying her No-Humanity side. However, once Hope regains her humanity, the battle against Ken is only a part of the more significant conflict Hope has to deal with. To finally move forward, Hope needs closure for her father’s death.

Ever since Klaus died, Hope has never truly moved on. She remained stuck, uncertain how or if to move forward and wanting to remember her father as a good man when the world said otherwise. Hope needs to speak to Klaus to move forward, and although that is not precisely what happens, it is closer than Hope could have wished for. Klaus, from Peace, delivers one final speech to Hope, giving her the resolution she needs to spread his ashes and move on.


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