Lois Lane’s Father Beat Superman So Bad Even Lex Luthor Would be Jealous

ytsfreeAugust 28, 2022

Lex Luthor may have had a few wins over Superman, but Lois Lane’s father defeated the Man of Steel in a way Lex could only dream of.

Despite all of Lex Luthor’s evil plans and schemes, Lois Lane’s father was able to triumph over Superman in a way that the villain could only dream of. An ingenious, multiphase plan yielded the result Luthor could never attain: public distrust in the Man of Steel.

The history of Lex Luthor and Superman is simple at its core but is complicated at the same time. Ever since the hero graced the world with his presence, Luthor has hated everything Superman stands for. He’s warned humanity of the ‘dangers’ of Superman, confident that the hero is actually a threat. And yet, Lex Luthor envies Superman, desiring the same love and adulation the Big Blue Boy Scout receives from the world. Such complicated feelings have only focused Lex’s attention and spurred him to create multiple plans to take down Superman for good. Unfortunately for him, the hero always manages to outsmart the ‘genius’ Lex Luthor.


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Even worse for the villain, someone else accomplished something Lex has been trying to do for years. During the “New Krypton” crossover epic over the Superman line of titles (by Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Sterling Gates, Gary Frank, Renato Guedes, Jamal Igle, Pete Woods, and Pere Perez) a sinister government program known as Project 7734 emerged, led by Lois Lane’s father, General Sam Lane. 7734 is designed to destroy Superman and the recently resurrected city of Kandor for good and works in the shadows to accomplish their goal. During the “Codename: Patriot” storyline, Lane attempts the most ambitious phase of his project yet. He tricks a Kryptonian criminal named Ral-Dar into nearly attacking the President of the United States, aware that Superman is also attempting to bring Ral-Dar back to New Krypton. Lane’s plan works as he makes it seem that Superman was assisting Ral-Dar in his attack on the President, discrediting the hero in front of the entire world.

Granted, Lex Luthor is actually a part of the U.S. government’s plan against Superman. He was drafted by General Lane to work off his prison sentence by helping in the efforts against the Man of Steel and New Krypton. And while he was willing and able to do so, there’s little doubt that an egotist as big as Lex was happy standing by while someone else did the very thing he’s been dreaming about for years.

Lex might be a genius whose brainpower could possibly benefit humanity, but his biggest flaw, aside from his proclivity towards villainy, is his hubris. It’s not enough that his foe is defeated or discredited. Lex Luthor has to defeat Superman. No one else. His ego and narrow worldview just can’t accept a world where he isn’t the sole victor over his most-hated enemy. The ironic thing is that mindset may be what’s really holding him back. Project 7734 required compromise and teamwork, things that don’t exactly gel with Lex’s personality type. But those core principles allowed Lois Lane’s dad to beat Superman while Lex Luthor could only watch from the sidelines.


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