Marvel and DC’s Ultimate Fight Was Thanos’ Dream Battle

ytsfreeSeptember 6, 2022

Thanos was incredibly excited at seeing the entities representing the Marvel and DC Universe fighting in a battle for survival, calling it “beautiful’

When the beings representing the Marvel and DC Universe went to battle, Thanos, who watched the great fight in glee, called it the most “beautiful thing” he’d ever seen. In the DC Versus Marvel crossover, when heroes and villains were forced to watch a fight to save their respective universes between cosmic brothers, Thanos looked on in excitement, knowing one of their defeats would lead to the demise of an entire reality.

The DC Versus Marvel crossover event is one of the more wide-spanning, bombastic crossovers either publisher has ever done. Centered around two cosmic gods who are brothers representing the DC and Marvel Universe, when the two learn about each other, they put their respective universes on the line. Using heroes and villains from each world, they fight them in 11 battles, with the first universe getting six wins winning and the other’s reality being completely annihilated. As it seemed the DC and Marvel Universes were doomed, Thanos gloated about its destruction being one of the most “beautiful things” he had ever seen.


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In the crossover, DC Versus Marvel #4 by Ron Marz, Peter David, Claudio Castellini, Dan Jurgens, Paul Neary, Joseph Rubinstein, Bill Oakley, and Gregory Wright, Batman and Captain America are teleported directly into the battle between the two cosmic beings representing the DC and Marvel Universes. As both heroes and villains look on in horror as they seemingly witness the end of everything, Thanos has a different reaction, being the only one to speak in the chaos, saying the fight “is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Unfortunately, Thanos’ dream of the Marvel and DC Universe crumbling before his eyes doesn’t happen as he might want. When Captain America and Batman intervene in the cosmic being’s fight, the personification of the DC and Marvel Universe end up truly seeing each other for the first time, telling each other “they’ve done well” as they opt not to destroy each other. Thanos didn’t get what he wanted as the crossover ends not with the destruction of the main realities but with each hero and villain being returned to their world.

In the end, Thanos nearly witnessed the ultimate death of the DC and Marvel Universe, but the most “beautiful thing” the Mad Titan had ever seen didn’t end with the bang he hoped. For someone who longs for Death, Thanos might have thought the ultimate destruction of the universe would have gotten him closer to the cosmic being than ever before – when in all likelihood, it would have destroyed her, too. As a result, Thanos’ dream fight in the Marvel and DC crossover could have been his biggest nightmare, even if he didn’t realize it.


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