Marvel Studios Releases Glorious Black & White Werewolf by Night Trailer and Imminent Release Date

ytsfreeSeptember 10, 2022

Marvel Studios has finally made an official announcement about Werewolf By Night, and it was well worth the wait. With many snippets of information being revealed over the last year, Marvel officially announced the Halloween special featuring the titular character at D23 Expo. Unexpectedly, this included a new trailer, a first poster and the revelation that it will stream on Disney+ from October 8.

Taking its inspiration from 1930s and 1940s horror movies, Werewolf by Night once again delivers a Disney+ exclusive that is unlike anything else in the MCU. The first trailer showcased a scary, classic horror adventure shot in black and white, that brings not only the lycanthrope into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also provided the first glimpse of another one of Marvel’s darker characters, Man-Thing. Check out the trailer below.


Kevin Feige confirmed several details about the Halloween special that have been either strongly rumored or confirmed by various filming documents. The show will be led by Gael Garcia Bernal as the title character, and he is joined by Laura Donnelly, who was previously reported to have been added to the cast as Vampire by Night. While there is still very little known about the finer details of the special, the trailer showing off its homage to classic movies by the likes of Universal and Hammer Studios has made this one of the most exciting shows to be added to Marvel’s upcoming slate. With it premiering on Disney+ at the beginning of next month, it is also their next release.

Werewolf by Night Has Been One of Marvel’s Most Secretive Projects

According to various reports, filming on Werewolf by Night kicked off at the end of March and concluded sometime in mid-April. The show was always known to feature Gael Garcia Bernal in the lead role, with support from Laura Donnelly. The real question is why the special is being kept so tightly under wraps when larger and more prominent Marvel shows such as Secret Invasion have seen numerous updates rolling out over the last few months.

It seems like one of the main reasons that Marvel has not wanted to give away anything about the special is due to the unique visuals that the show will bring to the Marvel Universe. If anything, it is appropriate that many expect Werewolf by Night to eventually crossover with Moon Knight and other darker MCU characters since it looks to be one of the most unconnected projects to the overarching MCU narrative.

Whatever turns out to be the truth about how Werewolf by Night fits into Marvel’s grander plan, the darkness and, as Kevin Feige put it, “scary but fun scary” direction of the Halloween special, is going to prove that Marvel Studios is no longer afraid of producing something that may push the boundaries of their PG-13 rated movie offerings. With other darker characters such as Blade heading this way soon, that can potentially mean that the much-rumored Midnight Sons collaboration is on the cards somewhere further up the road.

Werewolf by Night hits Disney+ on October 8.


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